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Arch Cafe, Martyr

I don’t care about the Architecture Café. Maybe I’m a traitor and you hate me and I’m completely wrong, but at least I’m honest. All the protesting and rallies meant little to me even after I found out the café was the only student-run food spot on campus. I understand […]

Boycott should be more steak, less sizzle

McGill Tribune In response to the closure of the Architecture Café, the Students Society of McGill University Council passed a resolution last Thursday in support of boycotting all campus food locations owned by McGill Food and Dining Services until the administration proves more willing to engage in student consultation. While […]

Vive les prostitutes libres!

“How am I going to celebrate? I’m going to spank some ass.” -Terri Jean-Bradford Terri has a lot to celebrate. She is a dominatrix, and last week the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down three provisions of the Criminal Code related to the operation of a “bawdy house” (a […]

EUS ban of QPIRG a hasty overreaction

McGill Tribune At their council meeting on Tuesday, the Engineering Undergraduate Society banned the Quebec Public Interest Research Group from using any promotional tables in the McConnell Engineering Building for one year. This ban came in response to the September 23 confrontation between QPIRG and the QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign, which […]

Quebec Public Interest Research Group

McGill Tribune             Publicly funded social services and organizations exist because we value the role they play in keeping our communities—whether nationally, locally, or campus-based—healthy, supportive, and inclusive. Canadians fund affordable housing, women’s shelters, employment programs and public advocacy groups because we believe that they […]

Steven Very Wrong on Quebec Tuition Hike

McGill Tribune I would like to challenge some of the faulty reasoning expressed in Brendan Steven’s column titled, “Scrap the Quebec Tuition Model” (McGill Tribune, September 20).  In his article, Brendan gauges the value of our entire higher education system through the lens of one university.  He confuses weakness in […]