Letter to the Editor

 Last week, in the article “Councillors move to debate QPIRG’s fee,” it was printed that Matt Reid (Management Senator) and I (Management Rep to SSMU) endorsed a referendum question to cancel QPIRG McGill’s 3.75 per semester opt-outable fee. Matt and I believed that (as a democratic institution) students have a right to vote on any issue, controversial or not, and thus supported bringing this referendum question before council. In no way shape or form, however, did this imply that Matt, myself, or the MUS supported (or opposed) the actual content of said referendum question. In fact, neither Matt or I were in any way involved with the QPIRG Opt-Out Campaign. It was never our intention to take a strong position (such as drafting a referendum question) on this toxic and polarizing issue. The MUS’s mandate is to enhance BCom student life, and it is an apolitical institution.

Eli Freedman

MUS Representative to SSMU

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