This election matters, and every vote counts

This week, as you are bombarded by emails and Facebook invitations to vote in the SSMU executive elections, you may come up with a number of excuses for why you can’t, or don’t want to vote. Some of these might be legitimate, but if you say that it takes too long, that you just don’t care, or that SSMU doesn’t matter, you are sadly misinformed.

Quebec must maintain its linguistic balance

Disclaimer: Although our editorial board comprises a diverse range of cultural, geographic, and linguistic backgrounds, none of us identifies as a Quebecker. The perspectives that we put forward here represent us as McGill students, and members of the various communities in Montreal that have embraced us, and that we, in […]

Bringing the issues back to student politics

According to Montreal city councillor Marvin Rotrand, municipal voters show far more interest in local issues—such as bike lanes and urban farming plans—than in selecting their representatives in local government. A recent proposal put forward by Rotrand would follow this logic, and seek to increase voter turnout by putting referendum […]

Editorial: Abdelrazik deserves his day in court

The Tribune applauds the Federal Court’s recent decision permitting Montreal resident Abousfian Abdelrazik to sue the Canadian government for $27 million. A Sudanese-born Canadian citizen, Abdelrazik was visiting his sick mother in Khartoum in 2003 when he was arrested by Sudanese authorities, at the request of the Canadian government, for […]