Stefan Prokopetz – VP Finance & Operations

What experience do you think you bring into this position?

I'm currently doing work for the assistant director of finance here at McGill, I'm doing research on IPOs. So people definitely trust my financial expertise, I understand financial statements, I did budgeting this summer for work. I did a lot of journal entries, low level accounting this summer for a Winnipeg company.

I want to meet with all the heads of clubs and services at McGill just to go over their budgets, my position is definitely not apolitical, but I feel it's more apolitical, so yes the Council site is extremely important I realize that, but it's more important to be able to deal with the 3.3 million dollars in a financially stable way and that's crucial, we're talking about the sustainability of SSMU.

What plans do you have for the Book Bazaar?

Definitely online, I think there were initiatives to start it this year, there's definitely McGill classifieds but I don't think it gets used enough, it's not user-friendly enough. And that would be also a one time fixed cost instead of continually paying every year, you set up a website, and then it lasts forever.

What is your vision for Gert's?

Depending on how much power I'm given or how much sway I have with council, I'd like to renovate it now. But if not, definitely keep up with the promotions, so as much as I can do, I definitely don't want to delegate the responsibility away, and I think that's unique to me.

How will you work to make sure that the investment decisions that are made by SSMU's VP Finance are represented by the entire student body?

I'm not going to be investing a hundred percent to the equities of something like Goldman Sachs, to somebody who is tearing up the rainforest, again I said I'm here to make money but definitely I'm going to be working very closely with FERC and I'm bringing back the investment advisor at Council.

If you were a mixed drink what would you be and why?

I like a gin and cranberry juice, because cranberry juice is so innocent but gin's got a little bit of fun too so I think it's a pleasant mix.


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