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Natalie Talmi

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Hey McGill! My priority as your VP Internal is maintaining student independence. My goal is to encourage more involvement from the McGill community at large. I am passionate about integrating clubs and organizations into the planning process. Why not have Midnight Kitchen cater events? Or the Film Society help organize Movies in the Park? My passion for student life stems from my involvement with Frosh as a Science Coordinator and my position on the Orientation Working Group, which has spent the year developing a new integrated Frosh. I am committed to promoting sustainability in events and life on campus.

Salut McGill! Ma priorité en tant que future VP Interne est de maintenir l’autonomie des étudiants. Je veux encourager la participation de l’ensemble de la communauté universitaire. Pourquoi ne pas engager Midnight Kitchen comme traiteur pour les évènements étudiants? Ou engager la Société Cinématographique pour organiser Movies in the Park? Ma passion pour la vie étudiante provient de ma participation au Frosh en tant que coordonnateur science ainsi que mon poste avec le Orientation Working Group, qui a développer le nouveau Frosh intégré. Je suis aussi dévouée à la promotion de la durabilité environnementale dans la vie scolaire à McGill.

Shyam Patel

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After serving as Funding Coordinator, I have attained important skill sets needed to represent the many clubs, services, faculty associations and students on campus. My main goal is to make SSMU funds more accessible and available. Funding has been limited and my experience will allow me to best represent groups. Students heavily rely on the funds and the Society comes first. Increasing student involvement under this portfolio is also lacking. Students need to be involved with the investment portfolio, Gerts operations, Mini Courses, and the Book Bazaar’s online launch. 

Choose experience. Put students first. VOTE PATEL!

Après avoir œuvré en tant que « Funding Coordinator », j’ai acquis plusieurs outils nécessaires pour représenter différent clubs, services offerts, associations spécifiques aux facultés et la population étudiante en général. Mon premier objectif est d’augmenter la disponibilité et l’accessibilité des fonds de l’AÉUM. Les étudiants sont très dépendants du financement et leurs intérêts sont prioritaires. Le niveau d’implication des étudiants est d’ailleurs très bas. Ils ont besoin de participer davantage dans le portfolio d’investissements, Gerts, des Mini Courses, et du lancement du « Book Bazaar » en ligne.Choisissez l’expérience. Donnez la priorité aux étudiants. VOTEZ PATEL!

Christina Sfeir

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I’m Christina Sfeir. I have experience in organizing the majority of SSMU events that were held this year, specifically Faculty Olympics. My platform stands on four main goals. 1. The improvement of existing events. 2.Communication, for example, making Get Ready McGill a branded name. 3. Environmental initiatives, having a green roof on top of Shatner. 4. Lastly, creating a variety of events, such as a speaker series. I have an adaptable, friendly personality. I am dedicated, hardworking and creative. I have the motivation and initiative to make your 2011/2012 an amazing year. Vote Christina Sfeir, the BEST you’ll ever have.

Evan Jolicoeur

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I am currently in my 3rd year of a BScN program. Throughout the years, I have been an active member, in a number of diverse organizations including political, student bodies, environmental organizations and have sat on committees and advisory boards. Currently I am the Vice-President CNSA (Canadian Nursing Student Association) on the McGill Nursing Undergraduate Society, I also sit on the Board of Directors of CNSA as Quebec Regional Director. I plan to represent all the Schools and departments within the Faculty of Medicine. I will be the professional student voice on issues that matter to us on Senate.

Je suis présentement dans mon troisième année dans le programme de BScN. À travers les années, j’était impliqué dans divers organizations incluant des groupes politiques, conceils d’etudiant(e)s, environnementaux, et j’étais aussi membres sur des committées. Présentement je suis le Vice-Président de l’AEIC (Association des Étudiant(e)s Infirmier(ère)s du Canada), et je suis membre du Conseil d’Administration comme Directeur Régionale du Quebec. Comme sénateur j’espère représenté tout les Écoles et department dans la Faculté de Médecine. Je serais le voix d’étudiant professionel sur les problèmes qui sont important pour nous, sur le Sénat.

Ian Clarke

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Hi all,

My name is Ian Clarke and Ill be your Law Senator barring a stunning come-from-behind victory for None of the Above. Although I am sure that I will use my discretion appropriately, Ill strive to keep the LSA informed with all Senate activities and act according to LSA directive. The long-term goal is to add Law Senator responsibilities under the LSA VP-External portfolio to ensure a) a coherent message given to all external bodies, and b) for law students, through the arm of the LSA, to have more control as to what Senator is saying.

Todd Plummer

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McGill needs a better sense of community. It is time for our events to cater to all students, to build rapport with university administration, and to foster a sense of McGill identity. Being AUS VP External has given me a broad range of experiences. As VP Internal, I will sponsor a guest-speakers series, a student art gallery, off-campus events for those who live at home, and more. Sustainability, financial responsibility, and equity must be priorities for all SSMU events. I will work closely with faculty associations and student groups to create a calendar of events that is exciting and inclusive. 

Wilson Ventura Chan

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My goal as a Medicine Senator is to gain and promote awareness of the issues revolving around our student body at McGill and to voice the students’ opinions on these matters, especially those that reflect the attitudes of my constituency. Currently, as a medical student, and also having completed a Master’s degree at McGill where I acted as student president for the McGill Anatomy Graduate Students’ Society (MAGSS), I have had the opportunity to observe our scientific education from different perspectives and hope to utilize these experiences as assets in providing valuable input on issues presented before Senate.

Mon objectif, en tant que sénateur de médecine, est d’entendre et de transmettre la voix du groupe d’étudiants de McGill. En tant que président de l’association des étudiants de deuxième cycle d’Anatomie de McGill durant ma maitrise, ainsi qu’en tant qu’étudiant en médecine, j’ai eu l’occasion d’observer notre éducation scientifique sous différents angles. J’espère utiliser mon expérience personnelle comme atout pour aider le Senat à rendre ses décisions.

Ryan Kirschner

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My name is Ryan Kirschner and I am looking forward to representing the student body of the Faculty of Dentistry on the McGill Senate. I am an experienced McGill student who completed a BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology and an MSc in Dental Science. My previous experience as the Dentistry rep on PGSS council and as the current DMDI curriculum committee rep will serve me well to be an efficient liaison between our faculty and senate. Thank you in advance for your support!

Monika Fabian

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Please note that Monika Fabian has been sanctioned for sending unsolicited emails to seek endorsements from campus groups. 

It’s important for our students to have opportunities for involvement outside the classroom.  Monika Fabian has strong background experience in ensuring that these opportunities continue to be bountiful and accessible within the SSMU.  She has worked for, participated in, and managed clubs campus-wide throughout her undergraduate career.  She also has a fair outlook on how SSMU should be representing each club equally; and, most importantly, she has many ideas to improve SSMU’s existing system to better the clubs and services’ infrastructure.  Vote for experience, equality and innovation.  Vote Monika Fabian.

Sameer Apte

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Currently, I serve as Med-2 President, but in 10 years at McGill I have always been a student advocate. Last year, I worked with the faculty on the M.D. Accreditation committee to ensure the quality of our education. Presently, I am on the advisory committee with Dr. Munroe-Blum, McGill’s principal, and Dr. Masi our provost, to review our Dean’s performance. Hence, I am uniquely placed to ensure that the needs of medical students are heard at McGill’s highest levels. As Senator, solutions to McGill’s insolvency, tuition increases, and the potential fallout of the MUHC-McGill partnership will be my primary concerns.

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