JoÃl Pedneault – VP External Affairs

What are the main issues you’ll be focusing on this year? As people know, the government announced that there will be a massive tuition increase starting September 2012. So my immeditate priority is to inform as many students as possible of that fact, what the effects of that might be, […]

Emily Clare – VP University Affairs

With regards to the administration people have adversarial relationships towards it or cooperative relations, where do you think your approach falls?  I think we have to be ourselves as student representatives but also a resource to the university to get information into what students want. So it’s important to work […]

Natalie Talmi – VP Internal

As you know, there are going be some major changes happening to Frosh next year. How do you feel about these changes, how do you feel that they’ve been handled by Tom Fabian, the current VP Internal? If they’re done correctly, which I feel I could do, then they could […]

Kady Paterson – VP Internal

The VP internal gets criticized a lot for just being a party planner, would you agree with that assessment or do you see a bigger role and if so what else? Well, I definitely agree with the criticism of it being too often a party planner, because I think that […]

Todd Plummer – VP Internal

How do you feel about the changes to Frosh? I believe it’s too soon to take a stand on how we feel about Frosh, but I am totally in favour of how this year we are working more closely with the administration. I’m working hard to keep the parts of […]

Stefan Prokopetz

Please note that Stefan Zuba Prokopetz has received a sanction for putting up unapproved posters. The position of VP Finance & Operations requires an analytical individual with a unique and diverse set of financial, accounting, and strategizing skills, coupled with strong motivation and exceptional organization. If elected, I plan on […]

Referendum Questions

Council-Initiated Questions: Referendum Regarding the Ambassador Fee Whereas, Students have chosen to create a fund to help subsidize participants in extra-curricular and academic competitions and conferences since 2010;    Whereas, The fee is subject to renewal this year; Whereas, Participation in extra-curricular and academic competitions and conferences is an asset to the […]

Natalie Talmi

Hey McGill! My priority as your VP Internal is maintaining student independence. My goal is to encourage more involvement from the McGill community at large. I am passionate about integrating clubs and organizations into the planning process. Why not have Midnight Kitchen cater events? Or the Film Society help organize […]