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Monika Fabian

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Please note that Monika Fabian has been sanctioned for sending unsolicited emails to seek endorsements from campus groups. 

It’s important for our students to have opportunities for involvement outside the classroom.  Monika Fabian has strong background experience in ensuring that these opportunities continue to be bountiful and accessible within the SSMU.  She has worked for, participated in, and managed clubs campus-wide throughout her undergraduate career.  She also has a fair outlook on how SSMU should be representing each club equally; and, most importantly, she has many ideas to improve SSMU’s existing system to better the clubs and services’ infrastructure.  Vote for experience, equality and innovation.  Vote Monika Fabian.

Sameer Apte

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Currently, I serve as Med-2 President, but in 10 years at McGill I have always been a student advocate. Last year, I worked with the faculty on the M.D. Accreditation committee to ensure the quality of our education. Presently, I am on the advisory committee with Dr. Munroe-Blum, McGill’s principal, and Dr. Masi our provost, to review our Dean’s performance. Hence, I am uniquely placed to ensure that the needs of medical students are heard at McGill’s highest levels. As Senator, solutions to McGill’s insolvency, tuition increases, and the potential fallout of the MUHC-McGill partnership will be my primary concerns.

Kady Paterson

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I’m running for VP Internal of SSMU because I feel that my diverse array of experiences allows me to both have a solid grasp of the current portfolio and of effective possible improvements. I have experience planning events with the Education Undergraduate Society, McGill Athletics, The McGill Daily, and SSMU – both through my current involvement as a SSMU councillor, and as a member of the Students’ Society Programming Network, a subcommittee of the VP Internal portfolio.

  My plans for the portfolio consist of diversifying the events run by SSMU to target a broader group of students, while emphasizing the Internal title through greater inter-faculty, and inter-club relations within the Society.

Carol Fraser

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Please note that Carol Fraser has been sanctioned for putting up unapproved campaign posters. 

I’m Carol Fraser, and I’m running for VP Clubs and Services because I’m passionate about student life and student-run initiatives. As VP I’d improve Midnight Kitchen’s new 302 space, foster the development of community-building clubs and services, continue sustainable renovations to Shatner and above all support the groups that make McGill more than just about academics. I’m friendly, organized and committed, qualities I’ve used this past year as MK’s volunteer co-coordinator, and as an active member of Mobilization McGill, at the forefront of student voice on campus. I will work collaboratively with my fellow students, especially transparently explaining policies and procedures.

Mahmoud Almasri

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 My name is Mahmoud Almasri, and it would be an honour to be your Medicine Senator. My aim is to establish two-way communication between Senate and our Faculty, while also building a platform upon which the different topics and decisions discussed at senate level are made accessible to the medical student body. In light of the new curriculum to be implemented, we need to have our best interests represented while securing the full support of the Senate so that our academic goals can be achieved. I am both willing and eager, and I hope to be your choice for Senator.

JoÃl Pedneault

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Hi, my name’s Joël. I’m originally from Ottawa and I’m a fourth-year Arts student. As current vice-secretary general of the Quebec Student Roundtable (a provincial student lobby group representing over 65 000 students, including SSMU) and as SSMU Councilor in 2009-10, I’ve developed the experience needed to work closely with student associations in other universities and coordinate a campaign for accessible education here at SSMU.

As VP External, I plan to work on a province-wide strategy to lower tuition fees for all students and increase access to financial aid.

 Vote for experience and vision, vote Joël for VP External!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Joël.

En tant que vice-secrétaire général actuel de la Table de concertation étudiante du Québec (un regroupement étudiant représentant plus de 65 000 étudiant-e-s, y compris le SSMU) et en tant qu’élu au conseil législatif du SSMU en 2009-10, j’ai acquis le savoir-faire qui me permettra de collaborer étroitement avec d’autres associations étudiantes tout en mobilisant la population étudiante de McGill pour le droit à l’éducation. En tant qu’externe, j’ai l’intention de contribuer à bâtir une stratégie pan-québécoise pour contrer la hausse actuelle des frais de scolarité et ce, pour les étudiants d’ici comme d’ailleurs.

Tom Zheng

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Please note that Tom Zheng has received a sanction for putting up unapproved posters.

As someone who truly wants to use this opportunity to make a difference, I speak to you from the heart. I don’t believe in the rumor that “there is less help available in university” nor am I content with the fact that “lower year students are distant from what the school has to offer” I dare to dream of a day when we are no longer frustrated with the limited number of academic advisers and students can truly find help whenever they need. I dare to act upon it, and I need your help. We can make it happen.

Raphael A Dumas

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Raphael Dumas is a U3 Civil Engineering student. His path through McGill has given him a taste of 4 faculties and 3 different programs. In none of them did he find a chance to get his hands dirty through Applied Student Research. His primary goal is to increase accessibility to projects so that Engineers and all undergrads can get credit for research that interests them. If you’ve read his recent letter in the Daily, he’s also big on integrity and consultation, so he is open to forwarding ideas engineering undergrads might have. He is also bilingual, see below.

Né d’une Française et un Sud-Africain à Kingston, Raphael Dumas est un étudiant en 4e année de génie civile. Son trajet lui a permis de prendre connaissance de 4 facultés et 3 programmes différents. Par contre, nul ne lui a donné la chance de recevoir crédit pour des projets de recherches personels. Il aimerait augmenter l’accessibilité à la création de ses projets pour les ingénieurs et tous les autres sous-grad. Le Fonds des Projets de Durabilité (SPF) est une bonne début, mais il veut faire continuer de promouvoir une culture de durabilité et de recherche étudiante appliquée sur le campus.

Lauren Hudak

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“My name is Lauren Hudak and I am running for VP University Affairs. As your VP, I will continue to push for greater student representation within athletics; for an improvement in student services, particularly within health services and student aid; and for more stimulating learning environments by lowering the student-to-faculty ratio. Given this position’s demanding nature, I will use my extensive SSMU experience as the former Speaker of Council and current Science Representative in order to efficiently work in an impartial manner, to effectively represent my constituents, and to embark on practical initiatives. Vote Lauren Hudak for VP University Affairs!”

“Je m’appelle Lauren Hudak, et je suis candidate à la position de VP aux affaires universitaires. Je continuerais à encourager : une plus grande représentation étudiante au sein de McGill athlétiques, une amélioration des services offerts aux étudiants, particulièrement les services liés à l’assistance financière ; et en réduisant la proportion des étudiants face aux professeurs, créer un environnement d’apprentissage plus stimulant. Étant donné la nature du poste, j’utiliserais mon expérience de présidente du conseil à l’AÉUM, et de représentant de la faculté des Sciences, pour travailler de manière efficace, impartiale, en représentant les électeurs, pour m’engager dans des projets!”

Usman Bin Shahid

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Being a SSMU Rep for the current year I have learned how things in SSMU work. Following on my same mandate as last year as SSMU Rep I wish to further the effort for more student involvement/consultation and representation. I have so far worked in students interest trying my best to voice their voices. I wish to do the same as Engineering Senator next year. 

I hope I can count on you to vote the best man.

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