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Allison Cooper

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From my 3+ years of working with SSMU’s clubs, services, and Environment Committee, I know what the SSMU has to offer, but also that its procedures are daunting. I understand the problems students face navigating bureaucracy and room bookings from my experience as front desk receptionist, and through leadership of sustainability initiatives like the Plate Club, I know how to green the SSMU. I will increase student space, see concrete sustainability projects through, create platforms for groups’ needs to be communicated, and encourage student initiatives that go beyond the Shatner building.  VOTE EXPERIENCE – On your side: Cooper for clubs!

Haley Dinel

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My extensive experience as a Senator and Councillor prepared me to excel as VP University Affairs. I established a working relationship with both McGill and SSMU through different initiatives such as Academic Amnesty, livestreaming Senate, and re-establishing the undergraduate society of my faculty.

My pragmatic approach concerning November 10 and the Judicial Board helped to create compromised solutions.

Goals include getting Senate live streamed, making the G.A. more democratic, ensuring safe space community, improving the Student Handbook, making McGill more functionally bilingual, and serving as an effective liaison between students and administration.

Vote for unity and leadership. 

Shyam Patel

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I’m your SSMU VP Finance & Operations and served as Funding Coordinator 2010-2011.  I’ve spearheaded the student-run café, increased funding for clubs, and integrated sustainable accounting policies at SSMU.  My experience will help to overhaul the SSMU Bureaucracy to make the SSMU more relevant by empowering student representatives to be more proactive.  Through collaboration with new food services in the building, I will integrate sustainability with the eco-clamshells.  Lastly, I will engage staff through stronger human resources policies/practices and empower student involvement by creating research opportunities within SSMU to increase practical experience. 

Experience.  Make it work for you!  VOTE PATEL!

Emil Briones

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Emil Briones is a clarinet major who would like to bring four years of experience in student service into next year as the VP University Affairs.  He has served as the Music Senator (present), President of MUSA (2011-2012), VP External of MUSA and SSMU Councillor (2009-2010), and First Year Representative of MUSA (2008-2009).  As the VP UA, he hopes to continue the dialogue on free speech on campus, tuition hikes, and academic issues concerning undergraduate education.  Briones also plans to further open consultation channels and implement research initiatives into action.

Josh Redel

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Josh has had many years of experience leading and developing student life at McGill and wants
to bring a creative, new direction to SSMU. From founding Queer Engineer to developing a
digital signage system for the Engineering Complex, since adopted by Residences, SSMU, and
Faculty of Science, Josh is actively building initiatives to engage and reach out to our diverse
student body. As President of EUS, he has taken the lead in standing up for students’ initiatives
and needs. Josh will champion student space projects, create new branding initiatives for SSMU,
and harness the potential of our student body.

Matt Crawford

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Hey, McGill!

Do you want a progressive voice as your VP University Affairs? A seasoned voice with experience on the McGill Senate and SSMU’s Legislative Council? A voice that will demand better access to Financial Aid for all? A voice that will create new student spaces and more group study areas? Do you want a voice that will make an equitable and safe environment a top priority – a voice that will be there for you when student rights are in danger? Vote Matt Crawford for VP University Affairs, and make your choice the progressive voice!

Raphael Uribe Arango

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Dear McGillians

My name is Raphael Uribe Arango and I am running for the position of SSMU VP External. I am from London, England and I am a U1 student in arts currently studying History.

I have experience on SSMU council, as I am currently the IRC rep to SSMU. I speak French, English and Spanish and a little Russian. I am a passionate and dedicated individual loves whom the McGill community. My aim for the position is to open up forums for all students to come and debate how they would like to be represented to the outside community.  

ASEQ Fee Question “Yes” Committee

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SSMU is holding a referendum to ask students if they support a fee to maintain the current coverage offered by the SSMU Health and Dental Plan. The fee has not been increased since the last student referendum in 2005, although Plan usage and coverage have both increased. Some of the new benefits added to the Plan since 2005 include vision care (eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses), increased vaccination and dental coverage, and tuition insurance. If the fee remains unaltered, students will see a progressive decrease in overall coverage. 

Michael Szpejda

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Hey Everyone,

My name is Michael Szpejda and I’m honoured and excited to be running for SSMU VP Internal. I have been involved in the social well being of McGill students for several years. I was an integral member of the Avicii promotion team as well as member of the SSMU Faculty Olympic Committee. Similarly, I am currently VP Internal of the SUS and also sit on the Orientation Week Working Group, which strives to improve the quality of orientation and its image for all students.  I look forward to continue serving McGill and the students of this great community. 

CKUT Fee Question “Yes” Committee

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CKUT has been proud to be your campus radio station since 1987. 365
days a year, CKUT connects McGill students and community members to a
local and international audience. Through CKUT, McGill students have
access to internships, training, ticket deals, and top-notch
campus-community programming at one of Montreal?s most popular radio
stations. (For real. Just ask the Montreal Mirror.) Whether you?re a
journalist, pundit, DJ, or aspiring musician,CKUT has a place for you
to get on the air.
Vote YES!!!
lots of luv.

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