The Shag Shop
(Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

Shag Shop closes retail location, moves online

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The Shag Shop, a sexual health boutique run by Student Health Services (SHS), closed its physical location in April 2014, and will begin to operate online in October this semester.

The previous store—which supplied students with contraceptive products, alternative menstrual products, and pregnancy tests—was located in the Student Health Clinic, adjacent to the First Peoples’ House. According to Healthy McGill’s website, the space was restructured to provide an accessible entrance for the First Peoples’ House, but a new physical location could not be found on campus to accommodate the Shag Shop’s relocation.

“We had been looking for around a year for another space,” said SHS Health Promotion Coordinator Amanda Unruh. “We can’t just move into another office or hallway, because sexuality can be very personal to some people and they didn’t feel comfortable about the lack of privacy. The new location had to be accessible, easy to find, and also very discreet and well-insulated for the soundproofing. [It is] difficult to find a place like that, between closing in April and setting up in August.”