Referendum Questions

Council-Initiated Questions:

Referendum Regarding the Ambassador Fee

Whereas, Students have chosen to create a fund to help subsidize participants in extra-curricular and academic competitions and conferences since 2010; 


Whereas, The fee is subject to renewal this year;

Whereas, Participation in extra-curricular and academic competitions and conferences is an asset to the members of the SSMU and to the SSMU itself;

Whereas, The fee continues to promote and permit the participation of groups on campus in such competitions and conferences;

1) Do you agree to renew and increase to $2.00 per semester (for full-time and part-time students) the opt-outable Ambassador Fee;

2) The Ambassador Fee shall be set to expire in January 2014 

3) The allocation of this fee is to be decided by the SSMU Funding Committee.


Referendum Regarding Midnight Kitchen Fee Increase

Whereas, The Midnight Kitchen reliably provides a balanced and complete lunch on a pas-as-youcan basis to an average of one hundred and fifty students every weekday;

Whereas, Without the proposed 1$ increase, the Midnight Kitchen levy will be terminated and Midnight Kitchen will be unable to continue operations;

Whereas, The Midnight Kitchen fee levy has not increased since the fee began in 2007;

Whereas, Midnight Kitchen has expanded its operations to provide catering services for other McGill student groups and community groups;

Whereas, Midnight Kitchen has been in operation since 2002, and the kitchen has begun to need costly repairs and replacement of old equipment;

Whereas, Purchasing new equipment will enable Midnight Kitchen to boost both the quality and quantity of its lunches;

Whereas, The closure of Architecture Café and other independent food services on campus has increased the number of people frequenting Midnight Kitchen by approximately 25% to 50% since last year;

Whereas, In agreement with the SSMU and the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), Midnight Kitchen has moved to renovate SSMU Room 302 into a comfortable relaxation and study space for the use of Midnight Kitchen, with the exception of Friday afternoon from 12h00 to 14h00 when the space will be reserved for the exclusive use of the MSA;


Resolved, That the student levy for the Midnight Kitchen, payable and fully opt-outable by members of the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU), be raised to $2.25 in order to increase capacity for daily servings; and

Resolved, That the increased student levy will be in effect from the start of the semester in Fall 2011 up until the end of the semester in Winter 2014. 


Referendum Question Regarding Referral Services Fee Renewal

Whereas, The SSMU operates a service called Nightline;

Whereas, The SSMU operates a service called Queer McGill;

Whereas, The SSMU operates a service called the Union for Gender Empowerment;

Whereas, These three services are essential, in that they create supportive environments and provide 

invaluable resources to the McGill community and to the Montreal community at large;

Whereas, These three services have been funded since 2006 by the opt-outable Referral Services Fee of $1.75 per student per semester;

Whereas, This fee has been divided as follows: from every $1.75, $1.00 to Queer McGill, $0.40 to Nightline, and $0.35 to the Union for Gender Empowerment; therefore be it

Resolved, That the SSMU shall renew the opt-outable Referral Services Fee of $1.75 per student per semester;

Resolved, That this fee levy shall be in effect from the 2011-2012 academic year through the 2014-2015 academic year;

Resolved, That the revenue from this fee shall continue to be divided as follows: from every $1.75, $1.00 to Queer McGill, $0.40 to Nightline, and $0.35 to the Union for Gender Empowerment. 


Student-Initiated Questions:

Question Regarding TVMcGill Fee Renewal


Whereas TVMcGill is the only video media production service at McGill University that provides filming and editing services for the McGill community to publicize and promote the interests of the McGill community

Whereas TVMcGill is the only student-run film and television production service at McGill University dedicated to providing resources and training for the McGill community to gain valuable hands-on experience in media/audio-visual production

Whereas TVMcGill is dedicated to providing news and entertainment for the McGill community by covering a wide range of student events including campus life, student elections, and its own original content through the website and various closed circuit televisions across campus

Whereas TVMcGill wishes to continue to improve the invaluable services and opportunities it offers the McGill community and expand to impact more people in it

Whereas the current budget for TVMcGill encumbers its ability to improve as a video content production service for the McGill community due to the substantial costs associated with acquiring and maintaining adequate equipment for video content production

Be it resolved that TVMcGill student television fee is renewed by an opt-outable student levy for all full-time and part-time undergraduate students studying at the downtown campus for the amount of $0.10 per student per credit per semester, for the next five academic years starting from the Fall 2011 semester up to and including the Winter 2016 semester. 


Question Regarding the Creation of a Fee for the McGill International Student Network

Whereas MISN’s mandate is to welcome new and existing international students to McGill and help them integrate into life in Montreal

Whereas MISN organizes a wide range of fun events and trips that appeal not only to the international and exchange student population but to the entire student body at McGill

Whereas MISN is the largest service under SSMU

Whereas MISN receives no funding from any other body at McGill and thus has to run events and trips at cost, which seriously hampers its potential as a service for international students.

Do you agree to a $0.50 opt-outable fee from Fall 2011-Fall 2015 in order to help MISN better fund its activities and serve the student population to the best of its ability?

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