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Speaker addresses limited resources

When settlers arrived on Easter Island in the 14th century, statues were all that remained of a once advanced civilization. The former society had used wood for almost everything and eventually depleted the island’s resources, causing the demise of its people. On Thursday, Timo Busch, a visiting professor from the […]

AUS Frosh spends more than it earns

Arts Frosh spent more money than it brought in this year, dipping into the red after the number of freshmen who signed up failed to meet the Arts Undergraduate Society’s expectations.

The AUS has not yet released any estimates for how much it lost on Frosh this year. AUS Vice-President Finance Majd Al Khaldi is set to release an exact figure at AUS Council on September 23.

For the Gazette, no more Sundays

Twenty-two years after its introduction, the last copy of the Sunday Gazette hit Montreal’s dépanneurs and doorsteps on August 1, cutting the Gazette’s printed editions down to six days per week. The venerable newspaper-Montreal’s sole English-language daily-made the announcement in mid-July, citing the small amount of advertising dollars brought in by the Sunday edition.

Management Frosh Theme Changed After Allegations of Racism

Less than a week before the start of faculty frosh, the Management Undergraduate Society changed their controversial “Tribal Frosh” theme following complaints of racism and cultural insensitivity. Much of the controversy began on August 19, when Sarah Woolf, a U3 Arts student and former Students’ Society councilor, posted a Facebook note complaining about the MUS’s racist promotional videos.