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Five Days for the Homeless fundraiser comes to McGill campus

As most McGill students went to bed on a rainy Sunday night last week, Jennifer Sault, Andreas Mertens, and a handful of other students huddled in sleeping bags under an overhang outside the Bronfman Building. The students had committed to spending the next five nights sleeping outdoors on campus as part of the Five Days for the Homeless, an annual campaign to raise money and awareness for the homeless.

Motion moves SSMU towards vegan-friendly Shatner Building

Thanks to a motion passed last Thursday by the Students’ Society Council, McGill vegans may soon have more food options available to them in the Shatner Building. The motion, put forward by Emil Briones, the representative from the Faculty of Music requires SSMU to encourage its food service tenants to offer more vegan-friendly choices, though it does not mandate tenants to provide vegan options.

With ad revenue down, the DPS seeks a fee hike

In response to declining advertising revenue and rising production costs, today marks the first day of campaigning for a referendum question initiated by the independent Daily Publications Society. The society, which publishes the McGill Daily and Le Délit, has put forward a referendum question aiming to increase its current, non-opt-outable fee by $1 per semester.

Newburgh wins SSMU presidency

Hillel Montreal President and former EUS and SSMU Speaker of Council Zach Newburgh was elected SSMU president on Thursday evening, narrowly edging out his competitors with 28.6 per cent of the vote. Newburgh’s margin of victory was only 1.5 per cent of the vote over AUS Senator Sarah Woolf.

The Tribune goes to school on SSMU elections and referenda

STEFAN LINK How will your past experience influence your approach to the presidential portfolio? I have always been looking at the basic student services that affect the majority of people. So in the Physics Society, I knew that the math department had a really functional help desk that lots of students use and I didn’t understand why physics didn’t have a similar service, so I just wanted to start something similar for the physics people, and I did.