Natalie Talmi – VP Internal

As you know, there are going be some major changes happening to Frosh next year. How do you feel about these changes, how do you feel that they’ve been handled by Tom Fabian, the current VP Internal?

If they’re done correctly, which I feel I could do, then they could be amazing.   I think the new schedule is really great in that it really embraces student independence.  But I don’t think [Fabian] is being nearly as vocal or as involved in getting faculty societies involved in the decision-making.  He hasn’t formed an opinion or stood up for student independence, which I think is really important.


The VP Internal position is often criticized as being nothing more than party planner. Do you see the role as more than that?

I absolutely do. One major way that it is is that the VP internal should be there to represent clubs, societies, students on campus. One of my ideas is to get clubs more involved in the planning of events. Being there for support and promotion of student-run initiatives is a major goal that is sometimes overlooked.


That being said, do you have an ideas for new events?

I don’t know if it would be possible to really coordinate this, but I would love to have the clubs and societies run … a big field day. It would be sort of like Street Fest, but more interactive.  


Another challenge often faced by the VP internal stems from McGill’s location. How do you engage students in SSMU events when your competition is the city of Montreal?

 I don’t see the city of Montreal as a competition, I see it as amazing, and you can work with that. Why not embrace [it] and spread more people into the community?  


If you had a hot tub time machine and could travel back to any time or place in history and high-five one person, who would it be and why?

Rosalind Franklin, the woman who got kind of screwed out of her Nobel Prize.  She’s helped [Francis Crick and James Watson] with [the discovery of] DNA.  She was a scientist back in a day when there weren’t a lot of female scientists and she didn’t try and use her femininity to get help from people, she tried to really try to find facts on her own. 

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