MUS passes referendum to change constitution

In a referendum that closed on Thursday, 92.4 per cent of voting Management students approved major changes to the Management Undergraduate Society’s constitution.

 “[The constitution is] very, very altered,” said Eli Freedman, Management representative to the Students’ Society Council and member of the redrafting committee. “We basically took a document that was not public, that was very outdated, and brought it into the 21st century.”

The changes will install a board of governors, which will set long-term goals for the MUS and ensurethat the executive follows through on mandates. According to President Céline Junke, the MUS has suffered in the past from a poorly directed, occasionally under-qualified, overextended, and unaccountable executive.

“Our executive body was structured in a way that made little sense,” Junke said.  “[It had] a lack of vision and a lack of accountability.”

The new constitution also incorporates budget regulations for the Society, and has 25 articles, while the old one had only 14.

The committee that drafted the changes, which also included MUS Vice-President Academic Mike Conrad and the Bull & Bear Editor-in-Chief Alex Pajusi, among others, based the new constitution on that of the undergraduate society of University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

 “It is going to ensure that we see to our long-term goals and that we are held accountable,” Junke said.

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