McGill Opens New Centralized Service Point for Administrative Needs

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McGill opened a new integrated service point in the recently renovated basement of the McLennan Library, designed to centralize administrative services for students.

After nearly five years of planning and development, the $4.9 million renovation has created a new space offering assistance with registration and Minerva, the issuing of McGill ID cards, and various transcript services.

“This project really is more than just about the renovation,” said Kathleen Massey, McGill’s registrar and executive director of enrolment services. “Students have complained about red tape and have complained about run-around, and despite the fact that most people have put their hearts and souls into trying to create very good services, it wasn’t addressing the run-around.”

The service center has brought together several services that were previously spread across campus, including offices in the James Administration Building and the Brown Student Services Building.

The Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning endeavoured to end this run-around and create a centralized office with a team of staff members that could provide almost every service from one desk counter.

“The whole point behind this service point was really to rethink how we delivered services. Not just where we delivered services, but how we did that,” Massey said.

“Really, this project is not just about the bricks and mortar,” Massey added. “It’s really about rethinking how we provide services and trying to make those services much more convenient for students.”

The new service point is located at 3415 McTavish St. across from the McGill Bookstore and is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.