[email protected] hosts Glenn Greenwald as Annual Beaverbrook lecturer

Glenn Greenwald, award-winning journalist and this year’s Beaverbrook lecturer, spoke to McGill students and members of the Montreal community this Thursday, commenting on the recent terrorist attacks in Ottawa and Quebec and his work with National Security Administration (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald began his lecture by addressing the attacks […]

Senate discusses safer campus, graduate student advising, and Senate composition

Principal Suzanne Fortier opened Wednesday’s Senate meeting with remarks on the Quebec government’s recent announcement of further budgetary cuts for the university sector. “With regard to McGill, we believe that it means a decrease of approximately 15 million [dollars] that we already know about,” Fortier said. “Earlier this month, [the […]

What’s happening at McGill

#ConsentMcGill Oct. 20-24 Various locations on both campuses This week long campaign aims to draw attention to the importance of consent through workshops hosted by various student groups around campus. It was one of the measures set forth by Ollivier Dyens last semester, following campus-wide scrutiny regarding the administration’s approach […]

McGill renews its approach to sustainability with Vision 2020

On Oct. 16, McGill University launched the Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy, a blueprint for increasing social, economic, and environmental sustainability in the McGill community. Over a hundred and fifty students attended the launch event at the Y-intersection last Thursday afternoon. Developed under the mandate of the McGill’s 2010 sustainability policy, […]