Kady Paterson – VP Internal

The VP internal gets criticized a lot for just being a party planner, would you agree with that assessment or do you see a bigger role and if so what else?

Well, I definitely agree with the criticism of it being too often a party planner, because I think that is largely what it is now, which is a problem, no question. My actual intent in internalizing the internal portfolio would be to just relate more to the faculties and actually try to build campus community. Break down apathy and create more engagement on campus. Engage politically, engage socially, engage with more students, and actually do something aside from just studying.

Frosh is going to be changing next year, how do you feel about the changes and how the process to change and accommodate SSMU to the changes has been going on right now?

The process has been good, I’ve had the opportunity to work fairly closely on it, I do work for the first year office, so it’s currently my job to recruit people and convince them that this is actually a good idea. I think it’s a step in the right direction in that it is a more inclusive event, it’s not just the crazy Frosh party that it can be, so I think that by having people be Discover McGill tour leaders, academic advising leaders, as well as being Frosh party leaders, it gives people the chance to actually make friends and remember who they met more than a week afterwards.

If you could accomplish one thing next year, what would it be?

Getting orientation off the ground and making sure that it is something people want and people are interested in, we’re trying to use it as a spring-board both at the administration level and at the SSMU level, to start engaging through the entire year, so having that actually work, and having people be pleased about the event, and see the advantages. It will also help build relationships with the Milton-Parc community, so having a successful Orientation Week, and getting people behind that idea and in support of how it works.


If you were a drink what would you be?

I’d probably be an Old Fashioned because has a lot of parts to it, it’s not something that you can just get thrown together, it’s something that actually has a lot of parts that make it a tasty drink and it’s also something that has passed the test of time as far as mixed drinks can go.

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