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Featured Articles

Advice from us to you: Navigating your first year

During my first year, there were moments when I was caught between choosing to study and going out with friends–and I often chose the latter. This isn’t a cautionary...

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McGill Governance 101

The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) is the representative and governing body for all students pursuing undergraduate and professional degrees at McGill...

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My Courses revamped: Five things you can now do

University ranking systems are often incomplete in nature and rely on perception rather than factual evidence, which contributes to the confusion surrounding McGill’s standing in the academic world...

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Lighten up, it’s just McGill

My time at McGill has been bittersweet. As someone who came to the university right after the 2012 Quebec student protests, dissatisfaction with the administration was at an all-time high...

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McGill 101 Topics

SciTech 101: Getting involved

Whether you are a first-year looking to find your place in the McGill community or a fourth-year student hoping to become more involved on campus and pad your resume before graduation, Activities Night is a great place to start your search for the perfect extracurricular...

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The lowdown on McGill intramurals

Committing to a varsity team is a valuable and life-changing experience, but for students who want to maintain high GPAs, make it to Café Campus on Tuesdays, and lack any semblance of athleticism, it may not be the best (or most feasible) option...

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Finding your niche in McGill’s creative community

One of the best parts of university is that it allows you to find your niche. No matter how specific your interests are, there is probably already a club at McGill devoted to it; however, the sheer amount of variety can be overwhelming, so here are several clubs focused specifically on creative...

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Navigating Facebook—McGill has sent you a friend request

Facebook is great for sharing photos, connecting with friends, and staying up to date on off and on-campus events. There are many McGill groups and pages on Facebook that offer an array of updates and services for students. Here are the most important ones to follow to ensure a current and...

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Decoding campus acronyms

The Tribune has created a brief guide to McGill’s acronyms in order to facilitate navigating the maze of student life and resources at McGill...

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Carving your own space at McGill

The question I constantly asked myself and my peers in my first year at McGill was “What should I do?” Beyond the classroom...

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10 Things: The best ways to enjoy athletics and recreation at McGill

1. McGill might not be your traditional sports school, but it does have its own set of customs and traditions. The homecoming football game, one of the year’s first major sporting events...

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OAP: A chronicle of a day at the happiest place on Earth

The scene is set: The year is 2017, the location not Three Bares Park because the McGill construction bug has fled from McTavish to infiltrate the rest of campus, and Open Air Pub (OAP) is in full swing. You are wearing your best attempt at a summer outfit...

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Cafes that are actually conducive to studying: Plateau edition

With Montreal's abundance of cafés, it can be extremely difficult to pick one to go to in order to get some studying done. As it is always frustrating to get to a café only to discover it is not the kind of atmosphere...

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Hooting and Hollering: A beginner’s guide to Montreal’s burlesque scene

Deep in the underbelly of St-Laurent’s nightlife scene lies the Wiggle Room—Montreal’s iconic burlesque club. Founded in 2013 by Jeremy Hechtman, the man who produced the annual Fringe Festival...

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Campus Spotlight: Bar des Arts

McGill’s hustle and bustle can often seem neverending, and finding an environment where one can escape the busy-ness of student life while still on campus can be a challenge. The Arts Undergraduate Society’s (AUS) Bar des Arts (BdA) serves as a resting spot for students to enjoy a beer...

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Five meals on and around McGill campus for $5 or less

Being a student comes with responsibilities other than studying, completing assignments, and writing exams—namely, budgeting and eating. It can be frustrating to spend a full day on campus without any affordable meal options—especially when it’s the end of the month...

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Why we procrastinate and tips to overcome it

“The deadline is a week away—I’ll just do it tomorrow.” For many, this phrase has become the all too familiar reasoning to put off an assignment in exchange for a more relaxing night spent watching Netflix. However, those who left studying to the last minute will start regretting their decision to procrastinate and may wonder why they would do such a thing in the first place...

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Which elective should I take at McGill?

Over the course of the post-secondary experience, there are countless opportunities to branch out from your field of study. Electives can challenge students to see their degree in a new light, gain a more holistic perspective of what is available for study at McGill, bump up your GPA, and ultimately have a more well-rounded university experience...

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How to get career experience in the sciences

Deciding what to do after graduation is hard for all undergraduates. While some are blessed with the secure knowledge of what their future holds, for most, that’s not the case. For Science students, the most common choices are graduate or medical school. While undergraduate studies...

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A guide to buying and selling textbooks

Amid all of the excitement that accompanies thousands of students flooding the streets of Montreal, buying textbooks might be overlooked at the start of the semester. Textbooks can be hard to find, and even harder to afford. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways for students to acquire textbooks...

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The benefits of listening to classical music during midterm season

In the midst of the dreary midterm season, concentrating on studying for long periods at a time can be a challenge for any McGill student. The advent of technology makes a plethora...

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Why virtual file organization matters and how you can achieve it

When I started studying at McGill, I could not have anticipated the amount of digital clutter I would amass in my time here. My laptop was my go-to device; it served as my notebook...

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