Making an icon

Most know Leonard Cohen as the first vocalist of the iconic “Hallelujah.” Others may know him as a poet, a musician, a novelist, or a songwriter. Some may even know him as a painter. And that’s exactly how he would have wanted it. He is a jack-of-all-trades, who deftly evades […]

A legacy of student activism

Quebec’s student unions and federations are some of the most politically active and mobile student networks in the world. Since the first general student strike in 1968, national student federations have organized six more massive strikes in Quebec. Twenty-first century political activism in the province has largely become organized around […]

“Please read the policy”

This past week, The McGill Tribune spoke to Angela Campbell, associate provost (Policies, Procedures  and Equity), and a pioneer of McGill’s new Policy against Sexual Violence. In this correspondence, the Tribune asked specifically about Our Turn—a third party inter-university action plan that grades Canadian universities on these types of policies­—pointing out that McGill scored zero for […]

Confiture unleashed

‘Confiture’ means ‘jam’ in French. At McGill, however the word has a different meaning: Confiture is a 40-kilogram Great Pyrenees dog, born in Japan, with a Facebook group that counts over 1,000 members. He loves walking into bushes and barks whenever his walker pauses for more than a few seconds. […]

The irony of social media

If there’s one word to describe our generation, it’s ‘connected.’ We’re connected to each other, to events, to pop culture—and it is all a mere touch-screen away. We have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ who like our posts and pictures—but something is missing. Despite the web of relationships […]