Sugar Babies at McGill

“What’s your price? This is Leroy.” The start to my phone interview with Leroy Velasquez, a press representative for  SeekingArrangement.com, was startling at best. I am investigating a recent trend of university students using sugar daddy dating websites, like SeekingArrangement.com, to help them pay for their schooling. When asked what […]


Stepping out of the comfort zone

McGill’s student population is an amalgam of culture and diversity, a mix of ethnic backgrounds making their way across campus every day.  Libraries and lecture halls buzz with snippets of conversation in an eclectic mélange of dialects. With over 20 per cent of the student population holding foreign passports, the […]

McGill’s Edible Campus has furnished the campus walls with exhuberant greenery.

The Nature of Things: the quest for a greener campus

Throughout the past academic year, McGill students have certainly shown their green thumb: they cultivated 15,721 kg of food to provide fresh and organic produce to local communities; educated 21,000 people about sustainability through presentations, workshops, exhibits, and fairs; created 100 sustainability-related student jobs; and saved the environment from 26,636 […]

Black History Month in Montreal

High school textbooks of Canadian history have told, generation after generation, the tale of a settler colony besieged by territorial struggles between French pioneers and British conquerors— with a brief mention in between of the Indigenous peoples who had inhabited the vast territory for millennia before them. Canada’s popular culture […]