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Mural on boulevard St-Hélène by artist Hell-P

FEATURE: Bringing art to the streets

Louis-Philippe and I agreed to meet at a café on Masson Street to talk about art. As he reached over the table to take a sip from his cup of hot chocolate, I couldn’t help but notice his hands; they had traces of paint all over them. Louis-Philippe is a street muralist. At his young… Keep Reading

Scott Loong’s breakaway to win the race, Ville Saint Laurent May 2011. (Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden)

FEATURE: Playing in the Shadows

Preparing for one of its biggest weekends of the year, McGill’s women’s lacrosse team woke up for a 6 a.m. to practice at Molson Stadium. An hour into the two-hour session, members of the Redmen football team took over the field, and the women were forced to cut their practice short. The men had been… Keep Reading

Illustration by Ben Ko

FEATURE: Under pressure: How students cope with stress

After four years at McGill, Amelia McKinley*, U3 psychology, believed she had reached a relatively seasoned level of mastery in the pursuit of her undergraduate degree, guaranteeing that her final semester would be completed with ease. Much to her surprise, however, she confronted a debilitating level of stress during midterm season this October. In previous… Keep Reading


FEATURE: The forgotten story of the Milton-Parc Community

For many McGill students, a walk through the Milton-Parc area is part of the daily commute to class, so ingrained in their routine that they no longer notice its grey-stone facades,  charming staircases, and painted wooden details. What most students don’t know is that this beloved neighbourhood and architectural heritage site was nearly demolished in… Keep Reading


Survival of the Fittest?

For decades, a flurry of academic, institutional, and governmental activity has openly embraced the concept of women standing shoulder-to-shoulder in their effort to open new doors in a male-dominated world. From the memorable Persons Case in 1939, to the recognition of illustrious Olympic gold medalists, award-winning scientists, bestselling authors, and national leaders, women have praised… Keep Reading

Montreal Drop Zone

FEATURE: Everyday heroes take the leap for a good cause

On Sept. 22, 60 ‘superheroes’ rappelled down a 22-storey Montreal skyscraper in support of a worthy cause: to promote the development and community engagement of the nation’s children with disabilities. This impressive display of courage and commitment, organized by Montreal’s Drop Zone 2012, took place at the BNP Tower, a building best known for the… Keep Reading

Left to Right: Matthew Robins, Kaan Budak (Head Coach Polis Akademisi, Ankara), Craig Klinkhoff

FEATURE: Hockey without borders

Hockey is embedded in the fabric of Canadian culture. Many Canadians take for granted the accessibility of their hockey resources—ample ice time, new and used equipment, and willing coaches that are available in almost all Canadian towns and cities. However, in smaller hockey communities around the globe, such as Ankara, Turkey, and Subotica, Serbia, resources… Keep Reading


FEATURE: Who is John François?

Every morning, John François begins his day by turning on the radio, his most constant companion. The voices of the commentators, the music, and the advertisements fill the air of his cabin as he prepares for the day ahead. John François is good-humoured and light-hearted. Keep Reading

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