For your eyes only

Admit it: You’ve watched porn. Most people past their early teen years—or who have used the internet for that matter—have watched porn. 64 per cent of young people aged 1324, seek out pornography at least weekly. It is less routine, but still fairly common, to admit that you’ve watched a live cam show, or maybe purchased nude photos from someone’s premium Snapchat. It is even more peculiar, but increasingly common, to be the person selling used panties, or posing in front of the webcam. But many students have, in fact, found lucrative side hustles selling sexual services on the internet, leveraging the autonomous nature of online work and streaming from the comfort of their own homes. Jared*, a third-year McGill student, began working as a camboy, a model performing any variety of sexualized acts to an audience in a chatroom, during his first year at McGill. He used Chaturbate, a webcam site, to stream from his dorm room, initially by himself, and eventually with his then-boyfriend. Jared was drawn to camming as a means to make money and explore their sexuality.


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