Finding your place

At a large school like McGill, located in the epicentre of an even bigger city like Montreal, it is easy to feel lost and isolated. Many students are stressed by academic pressure, being far from home, and the pressures of living independently. It is normal to feel alone at first, […]

Skin deep

In an airy Plateau studio space perched high above Saint Laurent, Instagram dreams come true. It’s clear from the neon sign, white walls, and minimalistic furniture that Black Rose Tattoo is a millennial haven. Laden with house plants, it bears a closer resemblance to a trendy open office space or […]

Dumpster diving

Canada produced 25 million tonnes of waste in 2016, ranking as one of the highest per-capita waste generators in the world. The non-residential sector, which includes industry and institutions such as universities, produces the majority of this waste. In the past year alone, McGill’s downtown campus has generated 1,454 tonnes […]

Climate justice is racial justice

“The future is hotter than my imaginary boyfriend.” “Clean up: It’s our future, not uranus.” “Why go to school if we don’t have a future?” The clever and creative signs featured at the Montreal Climate Strike focussed on protecting ‘our future.’ Even the #FridaysForFuture movement, started by Swedish activist Greta […]

This ain’t no way to make a living

At an academically rigorous institution like McGill, schoolwork is just one of many intersecting obstacles to success, especially for students in financially precarious situations. According to recent National College Health Assessment (NCHA) surveys, 26 per cent* of McGill students reported that their finances had been traumatic or difficult to handle […]

Speak your truth

When New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s pregnancy made news in July last year, I was talking to a relative about how the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was actually the world’s first elected head of government to give birth in office. While telling the story in Urdu, the […]

From fame to shame

In 2006, Tom Traves, then-president of Dalhousie University, formed a coalition of 11 schools, nine of which were among the top 15 research universities in Canada. The 11 presidents of the represented universities signed an open letter addressed to Maclean’s Magazine, denouncing their method of producing university rankings for their […]