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McGill Tribune Masthead 2018-2019

Marie Labrosse

Elli Slavitch
Creative Director

Falah Rajput
Business Manager

Managing Editors

Ariella Garmaise
Managing Editor

Stephen Gill
Managing Editor

Calvin Trottier-Chi
Managing Editor


Meeting time is 6:00 on Monday

Caitlin Kindig
News Editor

Andras Nemeth
News Editor

Laura Oprescu
News Editor


Meeting time is 5:30 on Tuesday

Abeer Almahdi
Opinion Editor

Keating Reid
Opinion Editor




Meeting time is 5:30 on Tuesday

Meeting time is 5:30 on Thursday

Meeting time is 5:30 on Monday

Emma Carr
Student Living Editor

Dylan Adamson
Features Editor

Kate Lord
Science&Technology Editor


Meeting time is 6:00 on Tuesday

Sophie Brzozowski
Arts&Entertainment Editor

Katia Innes
Arts&Entertainment Editor


Meeting time is 5:30 on Wednesday

Miya Keilin
Sports Editor

Gabe Nisker
Sports Editor




Meeting time is 6:00 on Wednesday

Melissa Langley
Copy Editor

Tristan Surman
Multimedia Editor

Gabriel Helfant
Photo Editor


Arshaaq Jiffry
Design Editor

Erica Stefano
Design Editor



 Luya Ding
Web Developer
 Tristan Sparks
Web Developer


Declan Embury
Advertising Executive

Maharshee Karia
Advertising Executive

Sara Al Sharif
Advertising Executive