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The perks of being a hand writer

One of the quickest ways that professors can get students to drop their course after the first lecture is to announce that laptops are not permitted. The feeling in the lecture hall is almost palpable as everyone pictures lectures with nothing but a pen, some paper, and a professor attempting to keep the attention of… Keep Reading

Renovations threaten what it means to be a McGill Student

School spirit is traditionally displayed at homecoming games and by students donning their university’s insignia. McGill instead possesses a unique type of school spirit, binding students together in a way that no football game or homecoming party ever could: Coping with the school’s decrepit and aging facilities. But with the recent round of renovations—the Arts… Keep Reading

Yoga is not cultural appropriation

The discussion around the recent cancellation of a yoga class at the University of Ottawa has been focused on whether or not practicing yoga is cultural appropriation. Claiming that practicing a form of exercise that originated in a different culture is cultural appropriation is far fetched; one could just as easily say that people who… Keep Reading

Questioning the value of Canada’s Syrian refugee pledge

To the majority of the public’s approval and a minority’s chagrin, the Liberal government has pledged to take in 25,000 refugees before Christmas. Whether dealing with climate change initiatives or Syrian refugees, the Canadian government will set specific policy targets. While setting lofty goals is admirable, it is not always the best solution to a… Keep Reading

Beyond cows and cars, copyright in the TPP

At its core, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade deal between Canada and 11 other Pacific rim nations that seems to be incensing Canadian dairy farmers and car makers by increasing imports in these sectors. But the TPP contains a myriad of new copyright protection that will make the lives of Canadians much… Keep Reading

Election 2015: Horse race or federal election?

Major Canadian news outlets pay extensive attention to who is currently winning the election. Either through the use of extensive polling data detailing which party is in the lead (sometimes by a fraction of a per cent) on any given day or by analyzing which federal leader won the most recent debate, the media seems… Keep Reading

Commentary: Student-Run Cafeteria is risky business

In additin to The Nest, a new, yet-to-be-named food provider has opened in the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) cafeteria this Fall. Both are student-run operations and together make up the Student-Run Café (SRC). This new addition is part of a larger plan by SSMU to move away from commercial tenants in the SSMU Building… Keep Reading


Commentary: What does Thomas Mulcair stand for?

Arriving back to Montreal in the heat and humidity of late August, I was greeted by hundreds of smiling Thomas Mulcair signs. My mother, who was with me, asked me how many shots it must have taken to make Mulcair look that friendly. She had a point. Prior to the announcement of the election, Mulcair… Keep Reading

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