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McGill students lead initiative to heal trauma through art

In many ways, it feels like we are in an era full of newfound support for sexual assault survivors; public awareness campaigns like #MeToo and op-eds from celebrities such as Uma Thurman have helped facilitate, at least in many liberal cosmopolitan spaces, a more empathetic and trusting climate for outspoken survivors. Awareness and compassion is… Keep Reading

Pop Rhetoric: Taylor Swift is her own hot take

As soon as Taylor Swift deleted her Instagram account, her fans (known as “Swifties”) predictably anticipated a new album, which recently was revealed to be entitled Reputation, scheduled for release Nov. 10. Using social media stunts as teasers is commonplace among pop stars and cultural icons, but Swift’s release of clips featuring slithering snakes drew… Keep Reading

‘Ain’t That Rich’ asks who and what constitutes being “poor”

In today’s context of out-of-touch politicians blaming millennials’ lack of real estate on avocado toast and “Fight for 15” groups across North America protesting the stagnation of the minimum wage compared to the rising cost of living, we are sometimes left wondering: Who and what actually constitutes being “poor”? Kate Robards approaches that question in… Keep Reading

Printemps Numérique at the McCord Museum

I’ve only just walked into “After Hours Fashion Tech,” an exposition on fashion technology at the McCord Museum, when an usher slaps a futuristic white watch on my wrist and a bartender thrusts an almond-lavender gin cocktail into my hand. I’m equipped, buzzed, and ready to maneuver this dense crowd mingling underneath similarly mobile spinning… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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