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McGill needs to support its Saudi students

This past August, thousands of Saudi students living in Canada had their futures derailed when the Saudi government ordered them to leave Canada and suspended government-funded scholarships to Canadian schools. The measures are a result of a political feud between Canada and Saudi Arabia, sparked by a tweet from the Global Affairs Canada account calling… Keep Reading

Uncontested SSMU executive: Show students why you deserved their votes

The results of this year’s Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) executive elections are out. The short of it: Nearly every candidate on the ballot won, because nearly every candidate ran uncontested. For the presidency—the only contested position—Tre Mansdoerfer edged out Corinne Bulger by only 69 votes. Voter turnout was higher than previous years, at… Keep Reading

Winter 2018 Referendum Endorsements

Motion Regarding the ECOLE Project Fee Levy Renewal: “Yes” The Educational Community Living Project (ECOLE) is an independent student group that provides living and work space at 3559 University Street. Every year, resident facilitators adopt eco-friendly living habits such as sharing vegan meals, composting, and minimizing their heat and energy use. Student facilitators also take… Keep Reading

Inclusive hiring requires more than a quota

Dalhousie University has recently come under fire for limiting its search for a new vice-provost student affairs to “racially visible persons and Aboriginal peoples,” in an effort to boost minority faculty representation. Critics have condemned the policy as discriminatory against white people, and argue that hiring based on race, rather than merit, is misguided. While Dalhousie’s… Keep Reading

McGill must prioritize learning outside of the classroom

University students often struggle to find stable employment in their field of study post-graduation, but incorporating experiential learning into post-secondary education can give students the marketable skills and valuable experience they need to succeed. In its essence, experiential learning means learning-by-doing, rather than acquiring knowledge through lecture and reading-based instruction. Experiential learning allows students to… Keep Reading

Searching for McGill pride

School spirit at McGill is an elusive concept. McGill students lack the hallmarks of typical university pride, like packed varsity games and roaring homecoming events. Attendance at McGill varsity games is notoriously low, and our homecoming is a far cry from the raucousness at other universities. That isn’t to say that McGill pride doesn’t exist–it… Keep Reading

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