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Ban on pedestrian cellphone use obscures real danger

A 2016 poll conducted by Insights West revealed that 66 per cent of Canadians support legislation that would crack down on distracted walking by banning pedestrian use of cellphones along sidewalks. The results of this poll demonstrate how out of tune Canadians are with the reality of accidents. Distracted walking is not the reason collisions… Keep Reading

Pop Rhetoric: Is it okay to laugh at Kim K?

A woman was physically restrained and robbed at gunpoint by five men in Paris. Does the horror of this statement change when considering that said woman is Kim Kardashian West, celebrity and reality show star? According to thousands of people online, the woman’s identity renders the situation laughable. Several million Euros worth of property was… Keep Reading

Exhibit Review: Robert Mapplethorpe’s retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

When thinking of museum walls, one does not typically imagine blown-up photographs of leather-clad men engaging in sexual acts. In museums, penises are meant to be covered with little stone leafs, or left flaccid. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ current temporary exhibit Focus: Perfection is the late Robert Mapplethorpe’s largest to date. The exhibit… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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