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‘Mid90s’ tugs at familiar heartstrings

“I think it’s really dope that times are changing,” a grinning Jonah Hill said in an interview with the hosts of New York City-based radio show The Breakfast Club. In lieu of introducing himself, the 34-year-old actor-turned-director launched into a monologue about how exciting it is that counter-culture-centred media outlets are finally featuring mainstream celebrities.… Keep Reading

Good fences make good neighbours—right? (Sabrina Girard Lamas / The McGill Tribune)

Tolerate thy neighbour

I don’t consider myself to be a selfish or ignorant person. I take some pride in keeping up to date with current events, because I think it’s important to know what’s going on around me. I’m even prouder of the fact that I know most everything there is to know about the people who belong… Keep Reading

The optics of gun violence in Canada

Living in Canada, I’ve never thought of guns as a particularly divisive issue. As far back as I can remember having an opinion, my politics on the subject have mostly aligned with those of most of my country’s citizens, and I’ve always been thankful for this. But lately, I’ve been wondering about the optics of… Keep Reading

The Now Now marks the end of an era

The Now Now dropped on June 29, a little over a year after the 2017 release of Humanz—a genre-defying, guest star-studded smorgasbord of an album. The Now Now features only three musical cameos, choosing instead to privilege Damon Albarn’s voice, revealing an interiority previously unexplored on Gorillaz albums. In “Fire Flies,” Albarn sifts through meditations on… Keep Reading

‘Blood Relations’ is a haunting portrait of social isolation

Sharon Pollock’s award-winning play Blood Relations, currently showing at Moyse Hall, was directed by Professor Sean Carney and produced by the McGill Department of English. The story is a bone chilling, pulse-quickening, and thought-provoking examination of one of the most notorious cause célèbres in history. Set in 1902, Blood Relations takes place 10 years after Borden (Sian… Keep Reading

TNC’s ‘Autobiography of Red’ is enchantingly poignant

Adapted by writer/director Phoebe Fregoli (a fourth-year Concordia student studying women’s studies and creative writing) from the Anne Carson novel-in-verse by the same name, Tuesday Night Café Theatre’s production of Autobiography of Red is a Greek myth transposed to mid-20th century rural southern Ontario. According to ancient legend, the play’s protagonist, Geryon, is a fearsome monster… Keep Reading

In celebration of ugly dancing

I would have loved nothing more than to see Lorde murder her Grammys performance on Jan. 28, and it broke my heart that she didn’t get to. After an exhausting six or so months of scandal, I had just about lost all faith in the entertainment industry. I was ready to ring in the new… Keep Reading

Lesbians Who Tech are what’s missing from the industry

Unless you are a very specific type of person (white, straight, and male), the tech industry is a frustrating place to work. The fact that one of the world’s fastest growing, most influential fields is so overwhelmingly male is concerning, because the growth and evolution of so many other related industries and many aspects of… Keep Reading

Urban art in Montreal: Somewhere between starving and sellout

”Integrity” is a word that I have always had trouble defining. It seems to imply something more virtuous than plain old honesty, but equally as earnest. When coupled with the word ”artistic,” it becomes even more ambiguous. It was an awfully ambitious endeavor, then, to try and define integrity within the contentious and nebulous world… Keep Reading

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