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The ups and downs of child-parent relationships

The first bond a baby forms in life is with its parents. For that reason, the impacts of parenting on childhood development—both positive and negative—come as no surprise. Findings from one of the largest and  most recent studies on childhood maltreatment in Canada indicate that 13 per cent of children and youth served by the… Keep Reading

La vie en jaune: Preventing damage caused by blue light

Midterm season is approaching, and with it, many hours of studying. After long periods of staring at a laptop screen, eye strain can break focus levels. Two factors cause this deterioration in focus: Intense concentration on an object within close proximity of our eyes, and the ‘glare’ of the blue light emitted from laptop screens.… Keep Reading

When is the best time to get sick?

Catching a cold in the morning or at night can make a big difference. A new study from the McGill University and the Douglas Department of Health Institute suggests that the severity of an infection might vary significantly depending on the time of day we contract a pathogen—an agent causing disease or illness to its host.… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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