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Get to know your SSMU Candidates, Pt I – Interviews

These interviews have been edited and condensed by  Sara Espinal Henao Photos by Alexandra Allaire, Simon Poitrimolt, Sam Reynolds See Get to know your SSMU candidates, Pt 2 for the Tribune’s endorsements VP External The VP External Affairs represents the Society off-campus at the provincial and federal levels.This individual communicates the Society’s policies and stances… Keep Reading

(Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

Campus Life of the Student Parent

Lllian Boctor is in her first year of legal studies at McGill. Selected from among 1,395 other aspiring lawyers who submitted their applications for the renowned B.C.L, LL.B program, this former freelance journalist and social activist’s future holds great promise. Even more admirable than her acceptance into one of the most coveted law programs in… Keep Reading

McGill’s Edible Campus has furnished the campus walls with exhuberant greenery.

The Nature of Things: the quest for a greener campus

Throughout the past academic year, McGill students have certainly shown their green thumb: they cultivated 15,721 kg of food to provide fresh and organic produce to local communities; educated 21,000 people about sustainability through presentations, workshops, exhibits, and fairs; created 100 sustainability-related student jobs; and saved the environment from 26,636 plastic water bottles through the… Keep Reading

Black History Month in Montreal

High school textbooks of Canadian history have told, generation after generation, the tale of a settler colony besieged by territorial struggles between French pioneers and British conquerors— with a brief mention in between of the Indigenous peoples who had inhabited the vast territory for millennia before them. Canada’s popular culture has a space reserved for… Keep Reading

Mural on boulevard St-Hélène by artist Hell-P

FEATURE: Bringing art to the streets

Louis-Philippe and I agreed to meet at a café on Masson Street to talk about art. As he reached over the table to take a sip from his cup of hot chocolate, I couldn’t help but notice his hands; they had traces of paint all over them. Louis-Philippe is a street muralist. At his young… Keep Reading

Survival of the Fittest?

For decades, a flurry of academic, institutional, and governmental activity has openly embraced the concept of women standing shoulder-to-shoulder in their effort to open new doors in a male-dominated world. From the memorable Persons Case in 1939, to the recognition of illustrious Olympic gold medalists, award-winning scientists, bestselling authors, and national leaders, women have praised… Keep Reading

Montreal Drop Zone

FEATURE: Everyday heroes take the leap for a good cause

On Sept. 22, 60 ‘superheroes’ rappelled down a 22-storey Montreal skyscraper in support of a worthy cause: to promote the development and community engagement of the nation’s children with disabilities. This impressive display of courage and commitment, organized by Montreal’s Drop Zone 2012, took place at the BNP Tower, a building best known for the… Keep Reading

FEATURE: Who is John François?

Every morning, John François begins his day by turning on the radio, his most constant companion. The voices of the commentators, the music, and the advertisements fill the air of his cabin as he prepares for the day ahead. John François is good-humoured and light-hearted. Keep Reading

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