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Schulogy for the library

This month, the McGill community suffered a great loss. We received news of the beloved Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering’s impending closure. Home to mostly stressed students and a couple of bookshelves, this 24-hour study spot will be missed. Though moving on seems hard, it is not impossible. One cannot describe… Keep Reading

Freshmen forgotten no more

As the cold spring air brings Montreal more snow, and students retreat to their beds in the short break between midterms and finals, some students refuse to relax. McGill’s Forgotten Freshmen refuse to be complacent in their own misery. The group started in order to “[raise] awareness of the pitifully broken McGill Community Facebook group,”… Keep Reading

Valentine’s Day, we need to talk

Dear Valentine’s Day, Hello, it’s me. We meet again. You’d think that by our 18th anniversary I’d have gotten used to you. Apparently not—I still don’t like you, and wish that you would go away, but like that guy in my class who will not stop DMing me, you’re incredibly persistent. Maybe this letter will… Keep Reading

You Reddit here first: The best social media platform at McGill

McGill students have a strong presence on every imaginable social media platform. For example, the Facebook community includes everything from a Samosa Sale tracker to a group dedicated specifically to clothing swaps for petite people. On Instagram, the McGill University geotag is frequently used by a wide range of accounts. However, the best social media… Keep Reading

Midnight Kitchen’s ‘Radically Haunted McGill Walking Tour’ sheds light on McGill’s dark past

On Oct. 26, in the brisk autumn chill, the Midnight Kitchen (MK) hosted a ‘Radically Haunted McGill Walking Tour.’ Showing the darker—and spookier—side of McGill’s 196 years of history, the tour addressed urban legends and secrets of the past. The idea for the McGill-themed ghost tour came about when Anastasia Dudley, U3 Arts and coordinator… Keep Reading

Just eat the damn bagel

There are many kinds of monsters in the world—the people who don’t hold the elevator even though they see you coming, the baristas who underfill your $8 coffee, and the bread-makers at Subway who think that an 11-inch sub counts as a footlong—but these do not hold a candle to the evilness and villainy of… Keep Reading

Top five places to cry on campus

There are two types of McGill students: Those who admit to crying on campus, and liars. University is hard and stressful, and between the stress of navigating classes, extracurricular activities, and rough nights out, it’s cathartic to have a release a few tears when you need to. Crying on campus is by far the most… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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