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Youth voting made easy at McGill

Youth participation within the Canadian political sphere is currently experiencing a drought. In the 2011 federal election, the voter turnout for the ages 18-24 was a measly 38.8 per cent, while the 25-34 demographic was at 45.1 per cent, respectively the lowest and second lowest among all age demographics. While some publications claim that poor… Keep Reading

An evolving brand: Frank and Oak launch a tech-savvy marketing platform

 today’s online world of instant access to everything, it’s tough to find a company that’s able to stand out and distinguish itself amongst the vast array of retail brands increasingly focused on web-based sales. However, Montreal-based Frank and Oak has succeeded in this regard, grasping the attention of a tech-savvy, young demographic of 20-35 year… Keep Reading

Chill Thrills: Keeping it cool at Carnaval de Quebec

Before midterms start to constrict your weekends, take a short trip off to Quebec City—the old, charming, and snowy provincial capital just a three-hour drive away. Every year, the city hosts Carnaval de Québec, one of the world’s largest winter festivals, going on from now until Feb. 15. Almost a million people attend the festival… Keep Reading

Faded Red

The 1960s and 1970s are widely known as decades of extreme change, but few places in North America saw such a dramatic pivot in their social, economic, and political construct as Quebec. A time of radicalism, this period was characterized by new ideas flowing into the province from all directions. Such changes inspired left-leaning ideologies… Keep Reading

Daycare space for McGill limited, waiting list over 700 children long

The Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) is seeking to reapply to open a daycare centre after having been denied twice by the provincial government. Currently, members of the McGill community face a shortage of daycare spaces, with university waiting lists for daycare spaces running over 700 children. According to PGSS Member Services Officer Brighita Lungu, 16… Keep Reading

New year, new options

There was an aura of uncertainty surrounding the Gerts Students Bar as summer approached. Following the failure of the Building Referendum Fee last March, it appeared inevitable that price increases would hit Gerts. While there may have been some growing bar prices, Gerts has increased food and drink options, with more opportunities for groups to… Keep Reading

Canada’s Final Frontier: Understanding Arctic Sovereignty

The Arctic is a place of unfound possibilities and potential opportunities, to the point that five countries have laid claim to much of the region. In fact, these disputes are serious enough that politicians have advocated for increased military presence to enforce their sovereignty in the Arctic. Whether or not this military advocacy is legitimate… Keep Reading

GA to vote on student academic rights, early access to course info

On Feb. 5, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) will be hosting its Winter semester General Assembly (GA). Five motions are scheduled for voting by all SSMU members. The GA needs 100 people present to reach quorum and pass binding resolutions. Motion Regarding the Guarantee of Freedom of Dress in the SSMU Building This… Keep Reading

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