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Outdoor activities in Montreal to celebrate fall

As the air gets brisker and the school year gets busier, it’s tempting to want to stay indoors more often; however, Montreal’s never-ending calendar of fall festivals, events and activities indicate that the city doesn’t stop for anything, and neither should its residents. Here is a list of four fall activities to check off this… Keep Reading

Reimagining Frosh

During the first week of September, Montreal’s air was saturated with the enthusiasm, anticipation, and cheer that accompanied McGill’s Orientation Week for incoming first-years. In previous years, McGill’s Frosh has been criticized for its alcohol-centric activities and lack of respect for its surroundings. Building on efforts from past Frosh teams, there were concerted efforts made… Keep Reading


Student of the Week: Susan Wang

Susan Wang, a U3 physiology major, is deeply passionate about helping others. Whether it is through pursuing a career in medicine, sharing her artistic talents, or connecting with new people, it is clear that building meaningful relationships is an integral part of her life. While completing medical school applications, Wang has found creative ways to… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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