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Gold Panda electrifies audience at Newspeak

British producer, composer, and electronic artist Gold Panda walked up to an unassuming little table supporting his DJ mixer and turntable at Newspeak on Sunday, Sept. 11. Gold Panda released his third studio album, Good Luck and Do Your Best earlier this year, and has been touring about the world since, which brought him to Montreal… Keep Reading

Marketing overshadows innovation at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) came to a close last night, relieving its captive audience of Snapchat users from the endless onslaught of coverage. NYFW features mostly American designers and is considered one of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks—the others being held in London, Paris, and Milan.  Though there was much buzz about the week-long… Keep Reading

Album Review: EVOL – Future

A question that might come to mind when analyzing trap music is whether the lyrical content is in fact an accurate representation of the rapper's selves and their views. With this question in mind, what can one make of Future? As his life fell apart in recent years, his music has receded further and further… Keep Reading


Improv Montreal’s VICEGRIP is a fresh take on a played-out trope

The lobby of Improv Montreal resonates 'cool.' It’s immediately clear that it’s designed for audiences to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. There’s a sense of calm that almost feels anachronistic, something that’s far too difficult to find in the most classically cool venues. It definitely sets the scene for the show, and perhaps even… Keep Reading

Album Review: Make Glad the Day – The Sylvia Platters

Unlike Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, which arguably set the trend or working on an album in a cabin in the woods, B.C.-based The Sylvia Platters, that followed the trend, have created an album that sounds nothing like the natural serenity of a forest. By instead labeling themselves as power pop, their debut album… Keep Reading

Adele, "Hello"

Pop Rhetoric: Adele’s “Hello” and discussions of identity

In the last few years, female artists have taken an incredibly strong stance on feminism, creating art that focuses on the tense dialogue surrounding gender, race, and identity. Whether this requires a change from their old style or leans into their existing art depends on the artist: For someone like Nicki Minaj, being in control… Keep Reading

The Game Documentary 2

Album Review: Documentary 2 – The Game

2015 has, thus far, been a ridiculously good year for hip-hop. Almost every current popular artist—looking at you, Kanye—has put out some kind of project within the past 10 months, and there is still more to come. There has been such a flood of stellar music that projects like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly… Keep Reading

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