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This summer’s hottest apps

It’s important to remember that summer extends beyond the inevitable approach of tank tops, jorts, and Ray-Bans. Here are the Tribune’s picks of apps to augment the summer experience, whether it’s a soul-searching trip to South East Asia, one last road trip with friends after graduation, or the familiar comfort of that hometown sunshine. Summer… Keep Reading

This Month in Student Research: Adam Marks

Dr. Claudio Cuello told Adam Marks that he could have a job if he found someone in the lab to take him on as an undergraduate researcher. Accepting the challenge, Marks approached a masters student to ask for a role. Two years later, the two of them are under review for publication, with another study… Keep Reading


Fortier confirms 2015-2016 budget cuts at Board of Governors

Increased budget cuts Principal Suzanne Fortier confirmed a budget cut from the Quebec government for the 2015-2016 academic year at the Board of Governors (BoG) meeting on Feb. 2. Fortier announced that she attended a meeting with representatives from other Quebec universities and the Deputy Minister of Education Marie-Claude Champoux on Jan. 21.  The meeting… Keep Reading

Campus Spotlight: Heart City Apparel

In preparation for the camera crew, Matt Dajer and D’Arcy Williams had rearranged the furniture in Dajer’s small studio apartment. The bed went into the kitchen, and the desk was shifted to create a frame with Heart City Apparel’s merchandise in the background. Dajer and Williams, the two co-founders of the organization, had to ensure… Keep Reading

Research Briefs—Nov. 18, 2014

Long-term marijuana use on the brain A study published in The Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences last week has found that chronic—defined as three times per day over 10 years—marijuana users have a lower IQ score and smaller gray matter volume in the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) region of the brain compared to non-users.… Keep Reading

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