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One man’s TRH is another man’s treasure

Word of a skateboard park inside a bar often elicits stares of disbelief. TRH Bar (pronounced ‘trash’) is a near-mythic bar that no one ever really believes exists until they’ve been there. You may never have heard of TRH or even noticed it in passing, but inside is a fully functional skateboard park with a… Keep Reading

Fighting depression in sports

Sports culture dictates a very specific image of what an athlete should be. In the worst cases, this can cause emotional trauma in those who play sports, preventing them from expressing their emotions or asking for help when they feel overwhelmed. Neither fame nor money can protect someone against mental illness, which is why a… Keep Reading

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Take part in the autumn festivities by saving your seeds from your pumpkin for a Halloween treat! 1) Rinse seeds until you’ve got rid of pumpkin fibres. 2) Dry them with paper towel or a tea towel and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Sprinkle with some salt… Keep Reading

Five classes you won’t regret choosing as electives

Students spend the majority of their time in university in classes that will propel them towards a future career. Many don’t have electives and the few who do sometimes waste them on so-called ‘bird courses.’ If you’re looking for a new approach, try choosing courses that are worth your while—either subjects that interest you, or courses that provide a fresh look at your field and will give you a new spark that will help keep you excited about studying in that department. Here are five courses for students, across the board, that either have great professors, interesting material, or—if you are really lucky—both. Keep Reading


Top 8 things we can learn from our Kiwi counterparts

I have been in New Zealand on a student exchange for just over a month now. It’s interesting to notice the small things that are different from your home university, but that add up to make a hugely different and amazing environment, which makes being a student, shockingly, quite enjoyable.   They eat in the… Keep Reading

Nilufar serves delicious and inexpensive Middle Eastern food. (

Nilufar offers exotic fare on a budget

Shawarmas and pitas are among  McGill students’ favourite foods. With their special sauces and spices, they make for comforting, savoury, and yummy choices. While it’s not all that hard to find a place that serves Middle Eastern food in Montreal, if you don’t find the right place your experience will be mediocre at best. We… Keep Reading

Kristina Pearkes scored a goal and added two assists during the Martlet victory. (Luke Orlando / McGill Tribune)

Riding high into playoffs, McGill routs Bishop’s

Fired up after a 3-0 win over UQTR earlier in the week, the McGill Martlet soccer team came ready to play Bishop’s on Friday night. The Martlets defeated the Gaiters in their last home game of the regular season by an 8-1 margin. Despite the large goal differential, Head Coach Marc Mounicot was slightly disappointed… Keep Reading


Football too violent? Try rugby

When I first started playing rugby, my parents were worried I was at risk of serious injury. I argued that sports like hockey—which both my brother and sister played—or football were more dangerous, despite the padding used. After a lot of pleading, my parents reluctantly agreed to let me play. As I grew older and… Keep Reading

McGill won the special teams battle, going 2-5 on the powerplay. (Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

Redmen win first game in front of Homecoming crowd

The McGill Redmen had a  busy Homecoming weekend, facing off against two OUA East division foes. On Friday night, the Redmen’s slow start to the season continued, falling to Ottawa 4-2, and placing them at 0-3-0 on the year. This changed on Saturday night, when McGill (1-3-0) overcame a 2-0 Carleton Ravens lead to win… Keep Reading

McGill dominated ball possession. (Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

Chapman proves key in defensive struggle

The Redmen rugby team was in for a challenge on Wednesday night against the Concordia Stingers. First, an ineligibilty issue had retroactively voided their first four regular season games, sending McGill from the top to the bottom of the RSEQ standings. Second, the Redmen were facing a revamped Stingers’ side, reinforced with newly added club… Keep Reading

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