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Spring into style

Most McGill students know all too well that when the faintest signs of spring arise, there will always be a few students on campus who bust out their spring/summer clothes far too prematurely.  Even though the first day of spring is technically March 20, this date is deceiving to McGillians, as snow has been known… Keep Reading

McGill Redpath Museum

McGill in hindsight: Thoughts from soon-to-be graduates

While it is important to remember that hindsight is 20/20 and people who don’t dwell on the past are happier overall, fourth-year students’ reflections of their undergraduate experiences highlight some valuable information for current students. Overwhelmingly, students in their last semester stressed the importance of taking advantage of the resources available at McGill. They highlighted… Keep Reading

Noble Café: Embracing the cold in comfort

Noble Café brings a new experience to the typical Montreal coffee scene. This quaint hot spot, nestled in Plateau-Mont Royal, attracts residents young and old with its community feel, heated terrace, and friendly staff. Situated right across from Laurier metro station, the café opened in mid-August, but its official launch party was held last month… Keep Reading

Healthy eating options around McGill campus

Navigating through the limited food options on and around campus in the hopes of finding something nutritious and budget-friendly can be tough. Here are some tips to make your search a little easier. Students spend a significant portion of their day on campus running between classes, studying in the library, or just hanging out with… Keep Reading

The Viewpoint: Café Melbourne

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes embody the ‘annoying-girl-who-won’t-stop-talking-about-her-exchange.’ My semester in Melbourne definitely left some of my peers and family members feeling tired of my frequent references to my time abroad, and I find myself comparing all aspects of life back home to my time in Australia. This is most acute… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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