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Breastfed babies are less likely to develop eczema

Since the 1950s, breastfeeding has been almost a taboo subject in the United States and Canada. A simple Google search of “breastfeeding” shows top news stories of women being shamed by strangers for breastfeeding in public. This negative response might help explain the low rates of breastfeeding in many developed countries. In the United States,… Keep Reading

Printing in 3D: Easy as 1-2-3

For many, 3D printing seems futuristic and inaccessible. However, in reality 3D printing is easy, available, and relatively cheap. Those looking to get involved need look no further than right here at McGill.   Christophe Paganon is one of four board members of the McGill 3D Printing Design Team (M3DP) and has been involved with “everything… Keep Reading

Fantastic new science professors and where to find them

As one of the top universities in Canada, McGill boasts top-notch professors—dedicated academics and researchers from all around the world. According to Gregor Fussmann, chair of the Department of Biology, as many as 200 candidates initially apply for a single tenure track position. From these, a search committee identifies a long list of around 25… Keep Reading

SciTech 101: Getting involved at McGill

With over 230 clubs at McGill, finding the perfect match may seem like a daunting task. Luckily for the burgeoning scientist or technology buff, there are plenty of opportunities at McGill to foster one’s enthusiasm for research, technology, medicine, and so much more.   For the star-struck space cadet: Astro McGill A student-led organization whose… Keep Reading

Full Coverage: The Solar Eclipse is coming, here’s how to prepare

As the Aug. 21 solar eclipse approaches, science fans and space enthusiasts across North America are preparing for the event. Even though the eclipse’s path won’t cross McGill campus, students shouldn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event. Here is everything you need to know: What is an eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly between… Keep Reading

Why we procrastinate and tips to overcome it

“The deadline is a week away—I’ll just do it tomorrow.” For many, this phrase has become the all too familiar reasoning to put off an assignment in exchange for a more relaxing night spent watching Netflix. However, as finals approach, those who left studying to the last minute will start regretting their decision to procrastinate… Keep Reading

Safety first: A history of lab mishaps at McGill

Any student who has taken a chemistry lab at McGill is familiar with the infamous “Safety Lecture.” For most students, this means an hour of staring off into space as an overly-dramatic video shows acids inevitably spilled on unprotected eyes. Yet, such unfortunate accidents have such a low probability of occurrence that many students disregard… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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