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Why I left the Arab Student Network

As an international student who came to McGill from a high school in Kuwait, I have experienced my fair share of culture shock. However, the hardest part about coming to McGill wasn’t moving into residence, leaving my family, or even the academic stress: It was the racism. As a queer Arab man, I’ve dealt with… Keep Reading

Aladdin remake returns to disappointing tropes

In the wake of widespread excitement for a live-action version of Lion King, Disney has been teasing the release of Guy Ritchie’s remake of Aladdin throughout the fall. Set to be released in May 2019, the film will bring to life the world of Agrabah, a faraway land of childhood dreams. As a child, the animated version of Aladdin (1992) was my first glimpse at cartoon characters that looked something like me and my family. At the time, I was overwhelmed to see a movie that depicted an Arab story, not yet aware of the movie’s many historical and cultural inaccuracies. Keep Reading

Arcadia delves into discussions of science, sexuality, and existentialism

Past and present overlap in playwright Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, a curious exploration of sex and love, mathematics and nature, and the pursuit of knowledge. Presented by Player’s Theatre and directed by Steven Greenwood (PhD candidate in English), Arcadia portrays the curiosity and determination of young scholars in this brilliant rendition of Stoppard’s 1993 tragicomedy. Arcadia is set in two… Keep Reading

Queering video games

My first encounter with a gay relationship was as a kid playing The Sims 2, when I selected the ‘flirt’ action for two male avatars. Taking caution to make sure that no one was watching my computer screen, I didn’t know what two boys ‘flirting’ even looked like. I thought it was a glitch in… Keep Reading

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball sparks dialogue about the healthcare system

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, directed by Emily Sheeran (U3 Arts), currently playing at Morrice Hall until Oct. 20, centres around the failures of the mental health system. Written by Rebecca Gilman, Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre (TNC)’s production presents an unfiltered account of a suicidal painter’s struggle with manoeuvring both the art world and the healthcare system. Keep Reading

Birds Crossing Borders bridges the gap between Syrian and Canadian communities

Since 2017, over 6,100 refugees have arrived in Montreal. With her multimedia exhibition, Khadja Baker puts a name, face, and voice to six of these individuals with her captivating and powerful audio-visual installation, Birds Crossing Borders, which premiered on Sept. 13 at the theatre and gallery, Montreal Arts Interculturelle. A Kurdish-Syrian who witnessed the Syrian civil war firsthand, with family members who left unable to cross borders, Baker presents a collection of stories from Syrian refugees living in Montreal to chip away at the myth of refugees as radical extremists. Keep Reading

Beyoncé and Jay-Z upstage the ‘Mona Lisa’ in ‘Apeshit’

On June 16, Beyoncé and Jay-Z released their surprise joint album, Everything is Love. That same day, they shared the music video for the the album’s second track “Apeshit,” filmed entirely at the Louvre. The video features acclaimed works from the famed gallery, including Mona Lisa, The Coronation of Napoleon, and Venus de Milo. The audience… Keep Reading

Am I (too) #EmotionallyUnavailable?

Living in the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait for my entire life, teenagers often romanticized the easy-going university hook-up culture that we watched in Western movies and Netflix rom-coms. Much like many other first-year students, when I came to university I was thrilled to be away from a place where I knew everyone I… Keep Reading

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