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Birds Crossing Borders bridges the gap between Syrian and Canadian communities

Since 2017, over 6,100 refugees have arrived in Montreal. With her multimedia exhibition, Khadja Baker puts a name, face, and voice to six of these individuals with her captivating and powerful audio-visual installation, Birds Crossing Borders, which premiered on Sept. 13 at the theatre and gallery, Montreal Arts Interculturelle. A Kurdish-Syrian who witnessed the Syrian civil war firsthand, with family members who left unable to cross borders, Baker presents a collection of stories from Syrian refugees living in Montreal to chip away at the myth of refugees as radical extremists. Keep Reading

Am I (too) #EmotionallyUnavailable?

Living in the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait for my entire life, teenagers often romanticized the easy-going university hook-up culture that we watched in Western movies and Netflix rom-coms. Much like many other first-year students, when I came to university I was thrilled to be away from a place where I knew everyone I… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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