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Why isn’t mental health the top priority at McGill?

On Oct. 24, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) hosted a Q&A panel to address questions regarding the state of mental health at McGill. Only 16 students attended the panel out of a population of over 39,000. Whether the low attendance rate was due to the stress of midterms season or a lack of… Keep Reading

Snowden revelations: The paradox of McGill students’ support for free expression and hostility towards AMUSE

The Nov. 2 live video lecture of Edward Snowden—the famous whistleblower who leaked NSA documents on mass government surveillance—was eagerly anticipated by many at McGill and within the Greater Montreal community. However, few were expecting a mosh pit of students trying to force their way into the lecture, nor the Association of McGill University Support… Keep Reading

SSMU hosts panel on current state of mental health at McGill

On Oct. 24, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) hosted a mental health Q&A panel on the newly integrated psychological services at McGill University. A follow-up to the SSMU Mental Health Forum from March 2016, this panel discussed the integration of McGill Counselling and Mental Health Services (MCMHS) as well as the newly implemented… Keep Reading

A walk through Auschwitz

I had gone out the night before, enjoying Krakow’s nightlife and the cheap vodka that came with it. With about three hours of sleep, I awoke to get on a bus for Auschwitz-Birkenau, the head extermination concentration camp from the Second World War. Falling into a deep sleep on my way to the site, I… Keep Reading

The Apology: More than just a number

Statistics illustrate the gravity of a situation from the scope of its impact—for instance, over 200,000 women and girls, euphemistically termed ‘comfort women,’ were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. Yet, the individuals affected by these circumstances often get lost in the vast numbers presented. The Apology… Keep Reading

Off the board: Still trapped in the ‘comfort women’ issue

Last November, I wrote a feature about the “Comfort Women”—the euphemistic term for women captured during the Second World War by the Japanese Imperial Army as sex slaves. A month later, Japan and South Korea reached a settlement to their longstanding dispute over the comfort women. The settlement includes an apology from Japanese Prime Minister… Keep Reading

Summer and beyond—Making use of campus resources

Planning for the future is a daunting task for all students, filled with uncertainties and confusion. Summer is the season to look back on what the previous academic year has offered and what challenges have been faced. It is also the season to look forward to future goals and take steps to achieve desired goals.… Keep Reading

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