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Marijuana legalization poses significant risks for youth

One of Justin Trudeau’s flashiest policies has been his promise to legalize marijuana. Taking advantage of 4/20 this past April, his government announced that it will be instated in the spring of 2017—only one year later. We’re halfway through that time, and his policy remains vague and shallow. Trudeau is waiting on results from the… Keep Reading

How to take great sports photos

1. It’s all about the gadgets The adage goes it’s not the camera that takes great photos, it’s the person behind it. Not so true for sports. A photographer at the Olympics may carry on him two Canon 5Ds ($6000), a wide angle zoom lens such as a 24-70mm f/2.8 ($2000) and a telephoto lens… Keep Reading

Trib Mix

Trib Mix: Guilty Pleasures

Midterm season isn’t complete with a good emotional break-down and a moment to just let completely loose. The best way to successfully accomplish both is by jamming out to your favourite guilty pleasure song, but not just any mildly embarrassing track. The perfect song for getting over midterm insanity is the type of track that… Keep Reading

Recipe: Red Lentil Soup

Now that midterms season has graced McGill students, any prior New Year’s resolutions to cook fancy, elaborate meals have gone out the window. Enter this red lentil soup recipe, which is fast and simple; it only has three steps, and the last one is opt-outable if you’re tight for time. It’s affordable for students since… Keep Reading

Superman’s evolution in the fog of war

Superheroes may be a fixture in all things Halloween, but their importance extends beyond their costumes and comic strip panels. In the face of constant turmoil in the world, superheroes enter the scene to encourage an attitude of hope amidst plaguing issues. Superheroes created throughout history generally embody values of the culture that produced them.… Keep Reading

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