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Agricultural technologies are changing the future of farming in Africa

On Feb. 22, Entrepreneurship & Investment For Africa (EI4A), a volunteer-run organization in Quebec promoting African entrepreneurship, held an open networking session at WeWork L’Avenue with PS Nutraceutical International Limited (PSNIL), one of Africa’s most innovative agribusiness start-ups based in Nigeria. Businesses in the agricultural domain, or agribusinesses, provide the necessary supplies for farms to… Keep Reading

TeamMTL designs solar house for international competition

Picture a scenario where the household hydro bill gets progressively cheaper, rather than more expensive. TeamMTL, a group of McGill University and Concordia University students and faculty, have collaborated to build a house that produces as much, if not more, energy than it consumes. This energy-efficient home is their entry in a prestigious international competition:… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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