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Fact or fiction: What is clinical hypnosis?

When one thinks of hypnosis, images of volunteers on stage responding to different names or stimuli come to mind. However, stage hypnosis is often actually the result of someone “faking it.” Dasha Sandra, a U3 Honors student in the Department of Psychology studying hypnosis and hypnotizability at McGill’s psychological research Raz Lab, explained the difference… Keep Reading

Where did these butterflies come from and where are they off to?

As summer transitions into fall, an increased flow of insect and bird migrations takes off. The McGill campus, as well as greater Montreal, has experienced a southbound butterfly migration in preparation for the winter. Although these butterflies are commonly misidentified as monarchs, they are actually Vanessa cardui, or Painted Ladies. Insect expert and Curator of… Keep Reading

Bad Blood: Changing the conversation around menstruation

“You'd think all women do is clean and bleed,” was the line that resonated with me as I read Gillian Flynn’s psychological thriller Gone Girl. Despite the fact that the shedding of the uterine lining is a natural, normal, and healthy process that half of the world’s population experiences, menstruation is frequently stigmatized. In the article,… Keep Reading

Explaining reluctance in the face of climate change

The Pew Research Center found that, in all 40 nations polled, the majority of respondents believed that climate change is a very serious problem, with the most concern found in African and Asian countries. “There has been a one and a half degree Celsius rise in temperature linked to an increase in greenhouse gases, however,… Keep Reading

Unlocking the benefits of exercise for mental health

It’s a no-brainer that the physical benefits of exercise can take time to manifest, but the emotional and mental benefits can be almost instantaneous. “When we exercise, more of the hormone serotonin is released,” Louise Lockhart, a nurse at Macdonald campus’ Student Health Services, explained. These hormonal releases work as an immediate mood booster. “When… Keep Reading

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