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A roundtable discussion on the Girls finale

HBO’s Girls aired for the last time on April 16. The series finale, titled “Latching” which garnered a wide array of reactions from film and TV critics, featured main character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) in the early stages of motherhood, assisted by her best friend Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams). In what many have considered to… Keep Reading

Lighten up, it’s just McGill

My time at McGill has been bittersweet. As someone who came to the university right after the 2012 Quebec student protests, dissatisfaction with the administration was at an all-time high. While most current undergraduates have either forgotten or not experienced that era of McGill, that undercurrent of dissatisfaction remains. Oddly, now that I look back… Keep Reading

Trib Mix

Trib Mix: Guilty Pleasures

Midterm season isn’t complete with a good emotional break-down and a moment to just let completely loose. The best way to successfully accomplish both is by jamming out to your favourite guilty pleasure song, but not just any mildly embarrassing track. The perfect song for getting over midterm insanity is the type of track that… Keep Reading


Cracking the Canadian cell phone code

The quest for the best cell phone deal is not unlike finding the Holy Grail. Everyone knows a friend of a friend that somehow secured a $40 six-gigabyte plan, but nobody really knows how they got it. Cell phone salespeople offer cryptic promises and deals, but are they just padding the company’s bottom line? Understanding… Keep Reading

Chill Thrills: Nuit Blanche—Fresh Paint Gallery

Nuit Blanche kicked off on Saturday, Feb. 28, marking the end of this year’s Montréal en Lumière. The month-long celebration of lights, food, arts, and culture concluded with a full day and night of free art installations, gallery showings, and live music. Nuit Blanche has historically been an event tailored to encourage the people of… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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