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Five best places to make out on campus this Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately for McGill students, Valentine’s Day always falls in the middle of midterm season, leaving many couples without the time to go on a romantic date to display their affection. Luckily, there’s no place on Earth more romantic than McGill. The rolling hills and stressful ambience on campus will get anyone’s heart pumping. To help… Keep Reading

The Tribune Predicts: February Horoscopes

    Aquarius: January 20 – February 18   Happy Birthday, Aquarius! This month, Mars is oriented toward your sun, meaning you should pay close attention to your friends. Play a positive role in their lives by tagging them in relatable Facebook memes and sticking by their side. One day, they’ll return the favour, and… Keep Reading

How students can help others dealing with suicidal ideation

Vent over Tea, a free active listening service at McGill, hosted a Suicide Crisis Intervention workshop at the Aldred Building on Nov. 12. Fourth-year Neuroscience PhD candidate Daniel Almeida led the workshop. He reviewed how to intervene in cases of suicidal ideation as a peer supporter, and identified risk factors and warning signs to look out… Keep Reading

Word on the Y: What’s your favourite Halloween memory?

When it comes to Halloween memories, everyone has had their share of tricks and treats. The McGill Tribune talked to students passing by the Y-Intersection about their spine-tingling, sugar-filled, sentimental recollections of Halloweens past. Sophie Sklar, U0 Arts “[I remember] always carving a pumpkin. That was like, the big shabang with all of my cousins. [Also]… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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