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Campus Spotlight: MyVision

MyVision (MV) is a global enterprise of young people with a mission to find a solution to the world’s social issues through social business. MV McGill came to fruition in 2012 thanks to business partners and McGill undergraduate students Yashvi Shah and Joanna Klimczak. It has since evolved into a global network and is one… Keep Reading

St. Viateur Bagels

Famous Montreal bagel locations

It’s no doubt that one of Montreal’s claims to fame is its legacy of consistently fantastic bagels. Notable differences when contrasted with other popular types of bagels—namely the New York bagel—include the smaller size, the sweeter taste, and the denser quality. Montreal bagels are always baked in a wood-fired oven, and they contain malt, egg,… Keep Reading

Know your rights

A common lack of knowledge for students regarding real estate processes can leave them vulnerable. Applications, contracts, leases, joint tenancy, and subletting, all make up the whirlwind of real estate jargon that can leave anyone mystified. House hunting for the first time can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. While it is true that most housing… Keep Reading

Round Table Tours

  Montreal provides an incredible culinary experience that reveals and excels in an array of cultural eats and customs. One way to fully experience the city is through food, of which Montreal has no shortage. However, Mélissa Simard, founder of Montreal’s Round Table Tours, does not think visiting individual restaurants is enough, because each restaurant… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Jana Sauma

Women’s rights have come a long way, but there are still improvements to be made in issues related to gender equality, particularly in the workplace. According to Jana Sauma, a U3 Management student who is about to complete her degree in marketing, she experiences this reality everyday. Sauma is inspired by the delicate balance between… Keep Reading

Undergrads in limbo: divided TA protection

Students typically understand education at McGill at two levels—graduate and undergraduate studies. However, not every faculty at McGill is as clear-cut as this system appears; in the Faculties of Law and Medicine, students are considered undergraduates even though most applicants have already completed an undergraduate degree. Students in law and medicine are considered undergraduates across… Keep Reading


What happened last week in Canada?

Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize in Literature Author Alice Munro, age 82, was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature last Thursday, making her the first Canadian-based author as well as the first Canadian woman to win a Nobel prize in any category. Munro is an Ontario-based author renowned for her short stories, many of… Keep Reading


McGill community addresses gentrification in QI project

The potential gentrification of a Montreal neighbourhood as a result of the Quartier de L’Innovation (QI) development project was the topic of a discussion group held by McGill’s Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office last Friday. The event was part of SEDE’s second annual Community Engagement Day (CED)—a day of discussions, speaker events, and… Keep Reading

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