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Album review: Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) – Car Seat Headrest

Before 2016’s brilliant Teens of Denial cemented his status as one of contemporary music’s most fascinating figures, Will Toledo spent years recording songs on his personal computer, uploading new records on Bandcamp under his Car Seat Headrest moniker at a frequency matched only by Lil B. For his 11th record, the 25-year old decided to return… Keep Reading

Get to Know: The Nicotines

Davide Spinato, singer-guitarist of the indie-grunge-rock outfit The Nicotines, had a lot on his mind when we met. “Most bands are entitled,” Spinato said. “They think that because they play a show, that because they come out with something, people are automatically going to respond and show up.” Sitting upright behind an open pack of… Keep Reading

Sam Rockwell shines in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Writer-director Martin McDonagh’s (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) world is inhabited by broken souls; well-intentioned but flawed people who hurt the ones they love because they have not found any other way to cope. Pain passes between individuals in an endless cycle of violence, and we watch as it grows, infects, and destroys everything in its… Keep Reading

Nuné Melik fights for inclusivity in Classical music

“Do you mind if I shoot the interview?” Nuné Melik’s friend asked as we settled in The McGill Tribune’s office. “It is pretty much just to brag [on social media] about how important and famous I am,” Melik added with a self-deprecating smile. She might not be famous just yet, but after only a few… Keep Reading

Pop Rhetoric: Selling horror

Three weekends into its theatre run, Andrés Muschietti’s It continued to lead the box-office with an impressive $29.8 million three-day total. Simultaneously, Darren Aronofsky’s mother! kept collecting dust with a meek $3.3 million in its second weekend despite strong TIFF word-of-mouth and Jennifer Lawrence’s star power. Both films are critically-acclaimed, classified horror, and aimed at… Keep Reading

Album Review: LCD Soundsystem – american dream

“We’re all going to die someday, so you change your mind,” James Murphy responded to a fan’s concerns regarding LCD Soundsystem’s (LCD) 2016 reunion. This type of casual wisdom has defined the frontman’s work ever since the group’s first single “Losing My Edge’s” tongue-in-cheek jabs at hipster culture: “I hear everybody that you know is… Keep Reading


Around the world with Xavier Rudd

Australian surf-roots musician Xavier Rudd has been around for more than a decade, spreading his message of acceptance and love all over the world. After no less than seven solo albums—most of which went either platinum or gold in his home country—the outspoken environmentalist decided to form The United Nation, an eight-piece band who’s newest… Keep Reading

Chance the Rapper

From the Viewpoint: Chance the Rapper, Family Matters Tour

There is definitely something strange about showing up alone to a tour titled “Family Matters.” Not that everyone had brought their grandparents to the Olympia—as I was secretly hoping they would—but the title of the show insisted on celebrating the purest and most complete type of love that, and as such the idea of buying… Keep Reading

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