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Word on the Y: What are your headline predictions for 2018?

As one of the most eventful years for North American politics in recent history, 2017 offered a slew of surprising and thought-provoking news stories. With the new year upon us, there are endless possibilities for what this year’s major political headlines will be. To get students’ thoughts the on the matter, The McGill Tribune trekked out… Keep Reading

The Tribune Tries: A waste-free week

It’s no secret that humans have a problem with waste. Globally, we waste CDN $31 billion on uneaten food annually. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 42 per cent of greenhouse gases come from the production of plastic packaging and goods. As a student, I’m prone to contributing to these waste levels, largely… Keep Reading

Word on the Y: What’s your favourite Halloween memory?

When it comes to Halloween memories, everyone has had their share of tricks and treats. The McGill Tribune talked to students passing by the Y-Intersection about their spine-tingling, sugar-filled, sentimental recollections of Halloweens past. Sophie Sklar, U0 Arts “[I remember] always carving a pumpkin. That was like, the big shabang with all of my cousins. [Also]… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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