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Album Review: The High Dials – In the A.M. Wilds

The fifth and latest studio album by The High Dials, a Montreal-based indie band, explores familiar territory by mixing pop and electronica with folk inspired melodies. The album successfully creates a distinct atmosphere while providing more traditional listeners with grounded and catchy melodies, despite suffering from a few subpar tracks. Adopting low-key vocals and computerized… Keep Reading

Album Review: Dan Mangan – Club Meds

  Club Meds constitutes the fourth studio album for Canadian musician Dan Mangan—the first with Blacksmith as his backing band—and takes a departure from the songwriter’s folky style into more abstract musical genres. Attempting to convey a darker, atmospheric flair through eclectic melodies and slow vocals, the album falls spectacularly flat, coming off as lazy… Keep Reading

How Exile Melts

Written by McGill alumnus Dane Stewart and directed by Patrick Neilson, How Exile Melts is the latest production by the McGill Department of Drama and Theatre. It follows the story of four siblings as they reunite at their old home in Nova Scotia to visit their ailing father, only to dredge up hidden demons, old… Keep Reading

Album Review: Ryan Hemsworth – Alone For the First Time

Ryan Hemsworth’s Alone For the First Time follows his well-received Guilt Trips (2013) to constitute the Canadian producer’s third studio album. The record immediately offers a unique, somewhat melancholic tone with the opening track “Hurt Me”—something that remains present throughout. The minimalist electronic beats, coupled with a grounding percussion, mix well with the tracks’ slow-paced… Keep Reading

Weird Ass Game Show more normal than advertised

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I stepped into the Wiggle Room for the first time. Then again, what can one really expect when they show up for something called “The Weird Ass Game Show?” It seemed like no one really knew what it was, but with the spirit of Halloween buzzing in… Keep Reading

girl sticks her fingers up

Superhospital makes an appointment for comedy

It’s fitting that Montreal Improv’s newest show, Superhospital, takes its name from an enormous medical centre that’s currently being constructed just west of the city’s downtown core. For the uninitiated, improvisational theatre—or improv—is a type of performance art in which a group of actors hop on stage with no script, no direction, no concrete plan,… Keep Reading


I like it better when we’re not wasted

The Drunken Show is exactly what it sounds like: A group of comedians who get inebriated and go on stage to perform their acts, with the audience heavily encouraged to get drunk as well. So naturally, with the aim of getting the ‘full’ experience, that’s exactly what I did—for artistic purposes, of course. One Caipirinha,… Keep Reading


Deep Cuts: Eclectic echoes—Shattered melodies and broken

Life in a Glass House Artist: Radiohead Album: Amnesiac Released: June 5, 2001 “Life in a Glass House,” begins slowly and thoughtfully: Thom Yorke’s voice rings hauntingly to the forefront, carrying deep melancholy as a clarinet and trumpet float in the periphery. As the piece progresses, these instruments become bolder, finally pushing aside the vocals… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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